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"Petit Plume"

Sierra Madre Wedding from Closer to Love Photography

This is the kind of wedding Style Me Pretty was founded on. Pretty as all get out with handmade and heartfelt touches throughout. A bride who is gorgeous and warm, a groom who has no problem showing his emotion, and photographs from Closer to Love Photography that not only catch your eye but tell a beautiful story. It's SMP perfection.


5 Tips for a Boudoir Shoot from Je T’aime Beauty

OK, ladies, I totally get it. Even thinking about doing a boudoir session is intimidating. Believe you me, I'm right there with you! But when I see a gorgeous shoot like this one that Je T'aime Beauty sent over? I'm reminded of what a fun surprise this would be for any groom. So, to help us all break out our inner bombshell, we asked the team behind...