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Pretty Pastels + Beautiful Gardens Make This Wedding Pure Magic

We're major fans of fab vendors (they make our wedding world go round) but you know what else warms our hearts? When we hear statements like this: "My husband wins the award for best co-planner of the year." Because whether it's your wedding day or 100 days later, your best partner should be right in front of you.


The Bride Wanted an Epic Dress, and this Gown Totally Delivered

Growing up in rural Kenya, Jessica used her allowance money to buy copies of British Vogue and escape to a world of fashion and glamour. And when dreaming of her wedding day she said, "I always knew when I got married I wanted to have an epic dress." Luckily her all lace, long sleeve, plunging neckline Berta gown completely fit the bill for the ultimate celebration with her love...


Married in a Stunning Mountain Meadow? Yes Please!

This couple's "how we met" story is straight out of a movie. They (quite literally) bumped into each other at a local bar and the rest is history. Maria Lamb photographed their wedding day set in a mountain meadow the gallery is a rustic bride's inspiration goldmine.


Elegant Washington DC Wedding at Clarendon Ballroom

I have no doubt that I'll always be a fan of classic ballroom weddings and Washington D.C. does them like it's their job. This elegant affair right here hits all the right notes and even adds in a romantic stroll through Georgetown for some fun.