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"Moss Bros."

English Countryside Wedding Film

Check this out: the Mini Cooper at 00:45, the groom built himself.  Now that's a way to show your love. If that's not cute enough, the voiceover is a love letter he wrote to his bride. I watch a lot of these, but something about this got to me. Be Authentic Photography's keen camerawork certainly helped, but I think it's the love part. So make sure you have someone close by to hug and enjoy the film! [iframe http://player.


Toronto Wedding from Vivian Hui + Lapin Weddings

Every day I find a new reason to grab the man of my dreams, run off to Canada and tie the knot.  Every single day.  And today's gorgeous Toronto affair just so happens to be temptation number 3,427.  (But, who's counting?)  Because when it comes to lovely weddings, this affair most definitely takes the cake with the fab stylings of With Joy Wedding Service, a beautiful...