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"Freeman Formal"

Toronto Wedding from Meghan Andrews Photography

Pastels draw my eye like a moth to a flame. I love them. I honestly can't get enough of a wedding filled to the brim with those perfect soft shades. So this wedding? It's making my day and then some. Because not only is it filled to the brim with pretty, it's also as personal as they come. That combination happens to be my wedding weakness, and when you throw in the lovely pictures from Meghan Andrews Photography and gorgeous...


Ontario Wedding from Illusions Media Photo + Cinema

If it wasn't enough that this couple planned their stunning wedding themselves, the sweet bride was also behind those beautiful blooms. Yep, you heard me. The week leading up to the big day, this lovely lady was putting together centerpieces and bouquets. I think I might have gone crazy, but she got through it with apparent ease - and a floral design that is just beyond. Illusions Media Photo + Cinema has filled our gallery with beauty..


Le Golf Saint-Raphael Wedding by davina + daniel

davina + daniel have done it again. They have a way of capturing everything just so and bring so much beauty and drama to each and every single image. No doubt their work was made easy by the beautiful people and design of this wedding. We're loving all the purple touches in the menus, flowers, and bridesmaids dresses. This wedding is super fun and modern and there is enough here to keep you inspired for days.