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"Fiber & Stone"

Savannah Georgia Destination Wedding from LeeAnn Ritch Photography

We hope you all are preparing for a big day full of fireworks and cookouts and loads of sunshine. Before we head off to do the same, we wanted to share this sweet as can be Savannah wedding sent to us by LeeAnn Ritch Photography. It's the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July; with a family affair complete with home baked pies and an American flag.


Island Park Wedding by Jodi Miller Photography

This sweet West Yellowstone wedding has captured my heart with its bright primary pops of color and homespun goodness. This small, intimate wedding is filled to the brim with the cutest DIY bits including origami paper crane escort cards and colorful potted table markers. But my absolute favorite part of this fete is the fact that the bride and groom personally served all forty-five guests dinner because as they said, They were our guests after all, why wouldn’t we take the time to serve each...