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Missouri Winery Wedding from Hawes Photography

Dear Bride, you are absolutely breathtaking and your hubby is beyond handsome. Your smile is contagious and your wedding is just the right mix of posh and playful. Okay, okay before I start to sound like a full blown wedding stalker, you need to know it's not only the couple that make this wedding positively heart-stopping, it's also all the amazing images from Hawes Photography that let us witness the pure Missouri magic. The light...


Ultra Chic, Traditional Charleston Wedding

I am SO stinking excited to feature today's wedding. First of all, it's gorgeous. Ridiculously, unbelievably gorgeous. Second of all, it's the wedding of one of our very own SMP girls, Carrie, who is an absolute doll through and through. And lastly, it just happens to be Carrie's birthday, so we are doing the feature as a bit of a surprise birthday gift to her.

With that said, it was one of the easiest weddings in the world to feature because it is so, SO lovely.