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"Bellissima Bridal Shoes"

Catskill Mountains Wedding from Brighter Lights Media

We've got a treat for you this morning my lovelies. Brighter Lights Media captured a wedding, complete with a groom who needed a sweet little hand hold from his bride to get through his vows, and it is magical. It's the kind of wedding you would have given anything to be a part of. And with this highlight (and a gallery of beautiful images from Zen Photography) you can feel like...


Georgia Backyard Wedding from Valore Photography

When a couple chooses a home, it is impossible to look decades down the road and declare, "My future daughter will get married in this backyard. Let's buy it!" But, that she did. This little girl who chased butterflies in the backyard grew up to marry her love right where her swing set used to be. And isn't that just the thing about love...it is always in a place that knows you better than you know yourself. Look at me, I have completely melted into a bowl of mush thanks to...