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"Anita Massarella"

Coastal United Kingdom Wedding Inspiration

If I could take this shoot and with the snap of my finger turn it into my wedding day, I would in a heartbeat. To say that it's everything I want my wedding to encompass is quite the understatement. Raw, simplistic beauty, flow-y dresses, utterly gorg florals from Lucy MacNicoll, ridiculously captivating coastal views, oh and the imagery, of which...


Romantic Wedding in the South of France from Adam Alex Photography

I probably ask my husband if we could go to the South of France more than most people ask their husbands to take out the trash. I am borderline obsessed with this place I've never been, so when I see a wedding like this one by Adam Alex I literally drop everything I'm doing and send it to my hubby. Because surely if he sees a wedding this lovely in a setting this stunning, we'll be hopping on a plane in no time.