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Romantic Oceanside Elopement in Connecticut

I’m a complete sucker for anything seaside inspired. It’s my inspiration achilles heel. And when its executed in a way the truly exudes elegance and romance, like what’s happening below, I truly become weak in the knees. Which is why I simply want to reach through the screen and give Callie Manion a big ‘ol hug this morning, because with the help of one seriously talented team, she whipped up a shoot that is sure to stick with me for a very long time. See why here.


From Callie ManionI love the romanticism and intimacy of an elopement; dashing away to celebrate your commitment to each other in such an intimate setting is one of the most romantic things I can imagine. I also love the amazing details that come from planning a wedding; spending months picking out the best pieces and showing your personality and relationship in minute details is beautiful and shows how much love and thought went into wedding planning. I wanted to create an inspiration shoot that would marry these two ideas and show brides that they can have an elopement be just as well planned out as a big wedding, and that they don’t have to sacrifice all the amazing little details that can make a wedding unique.

I was inspired by this idea of marrying two opposites together and continued this theme by playing with the union of hard and soft. The biggest example of this converse relationship is seen in my choice of location. I knew I wanted the shoot to take place ocean-side to portray a sense of escape from the world. But I chose this specific location because of the beautiful juxtaposition of the hard and ragged rocks against the soft and calming waters. Positioning the bride standing on the rocks, facing the open waters further exaggerated this relationship and made for some truly striking images.

This pairing of hard and soft can also be seen in the small details of the floral arrangements. Jakkelyn from Jakkelyn Iris Florals paired soft whites together with spiky browns to create beautiful and textured pieces.

One more example of how I incorporated this theme into the shoot is seen in the table setting and other details. I took care to always have the soft and flowing fabric mixed with the hardness of the shells and rocks found on the beach. I love the rough beauty of the shells as they mirror the giant rocks, and the gentleness of the fabric, as it mirrors the calming waters.

It was important to me to carry this theme throughout the shoot, even down to the bride and groom’s place settings. Betsy from Lemontree Calligraphy gracefully penned their names in gorgeous, delicate calligraphy on a hard, but smooth shell.

My goal was for this shoot to feel easy, carefree, and intimate. Placing the bride and groom out on the rocks, with nothing but open water behind them, I wanted to symbolize that on their wedding day, nothing is more important than the union of the bride and groom. I also placed their table low to the ground, taking away the need for chairs, to further show the intimacy of an elopement. After the vows have been read and the rings have been exchanged, the couple can cuddle up close and dine while they watch the sun set on their beautiful day.

Above all, I wanted this shoot to inspire brides and show that a small, intimate elopement can be just as beautiful and just as well thought out, as a big wedding. So if celebrating their marriage with a traditional wedding doesn’t fit a bride and groom’s personalities, then there are plenty of other ways they can choose to celebrate!



Floral Design: Jakkelyn Iris Designs | Wedding Dress: Gossamer | Cake: Andrea Saunders | Calligraphy & Invitations: Lemontree Calligraphy & Illustration | Venue: Lighthouse Point Park | Film Processing: PhotoVision Prints | Glassware: Anthropologie | Photography & Styling: Callie Manion | Ring Box: The Mrs Box

Intimate + Charming New Haven Wedding

When I envision an charming yet intimate affair, it looks a lot like this Manhattan Penthouse celebration. Guests gathered at a lovely literary club followed by a jam packed fete straight from the lens of Zac Wolf Photography. A uniquely awesome day filled with One Girl Cookies, the gallery is something sweet to share!

From Zac Wolf Photography Justin and John had an intimate ceremony at a private literary club in New Haven followed by a jam packed celebration at the Manhattan Penthouse with tunes from my new pals Joelle & the Pinehurst Trio this wedding was uniquely awesome in so many ways. Thank you to Justin and John for allowing me to be a part of their big day. And a very big congrats to both of them!

Photography: Zac Wolf Photography | Floral Design: James Abel Events | Reception Venue: Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue | Band: Joelle & The Pinehurst Trio | Dessert: One Girl Cookies | Lunch Reception: Roia Restaurant

Elegant Fall Wedding at New Haven Lawn Club

Having met as students at Yale, these cuties kicked off the next chapter of their love story at the New Haven Lawn Club, an elegant, classic venue that became even more beautiful with their blush and gold decor and blooms by Fleur De Lys Floral. Robert and Kathleen Photographers worked their magic behind the lens and the final results are nothing short of stunning. See every moment right this way!


From Robert And Kathleen Photographers… Debbie and Todd met as Ph.D. students at Yale, pursuing degrees within the same concentration.  Enrolled in the same class, they became friends after discovering they had much in common beyond their shared interest in history and medicine.  They were both driven and determined, having spent much of high school and college studying with laser-sharp focus.  Reason and research came naturally to Debbie and Todd.  But back then, they both had yet to concur one of the most challenging pursuits known to man: romantic relationships.  

Neither Debbie nor Todd had been in an official relationship before.  But when Debbie realized how strongly she felt about Todd, she set out to let him know how she felt.  She baked him brownies and trekked through the snow to deliver them in person.  She would sit for hours by Todd’s side watching basketball, a sport about which she didn’t much care.  Todd didn’t realize at first that these gestures were not merely friendly, but when he did he was thrilled to know that this friendship he had started to cherish could turn into something more.  Within a short time, they were a couple.

This year, Debbie and Todd made official what they each knew in their heart on the campus of Yale all those years ago: that they were meant to be together.  And they will be eternally grateful that their educational and professional aspirations led them to careers they love and a life made richer by one another’s company.

Photography: Robert & Kathleen Photographers | Floral Design: Fleur De Lys Floral | DJ: Local Motion | Tuxedo: J.Crew | Wedding Venue: New Haven Lawn Club

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