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White Memorial Conservation Center Wedding from Carla Ten Eyck Photography

This wedding has heart. It’s got that stop you in your tracks, grab the box of tissues, and maybe a cupcake to enjoy alongside the images, kind of heart. And a beautiful horse. Does it get any better? Dave Noonan of Carla Ten Eyck Photography captured these two in all their tenderness on the biggest day of their lives, and we couldn’t be happier that he sent it our way.


From DavidAlyssa & Mark are awesome, I am so thankful to have such great clients. I don’t even know where to begin while trying to describe their wedding at White Memorial in Litchfield. So, I guess I’ll just let the photos tell the story of their day. I will say that Alyssa baked the amazing cupcakes herself and Mark handmade all the little rustic wooden details and displays. Sit back and take a look through some of my favorite photographs from the day.

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck | Flowers: Still River Gardens | Cake: Hannah's Bakery | Stationery: Of the Earth | Shoes: Toms | Hair and Makeup: Marinello School of Beauty | White Memorial: White Memorial

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Connectictut Wedding with Grace and Elegance, IV

Thank you so, SO much to Lyndsey Hamilton for sending us today’s absolutely gorgeous wedding. And to all of the other vendors involved…Jake McBride of the fabulous Christian Oth Studios, Matthew Robbins of Artfool, and Marcey Brownstein of Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events…you are so inspiring to all of us.

Now for the real treat! The jump-out-of-your-chair gorgeous reception!

litchfield Connecticut Wedding

Don’t forget to enter the Weekend Inspiration Board contest (you still have 2 hours) where we will turn one of your designs into reality! We’re going to document the whole thing on Backstage next week, then show you the finished product right here on the main page.

Oh and if you guys are looking for a FAB photographer to shoot your day, head on over to Snippet and Ink where A Bryan Photo is gifting one lucky reader a free e-session!

Connectictut Wedding with Grace and Elegance, III

Within our Little Black Book, there are groups of vendors that tend to work together on some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s that they just luck out with great clients or they simply work beautifully together, the three vendors that helped to build this affair are simply genius.

Lyndsey Hamilton is the fabulous planner behind the day, Matthew Robbins of Artfool is the designer and florist responsible for the pure gorgeousness, Marcey Brownstein of Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events catered the event, and Jake McBride of Christian Oth Studios is the photographer responsible for the perfect photographs…love, love, love.

litchfield Connecticut Wedding

More to come in just a flash! Oh and see those perfect purple arrangements on the table above…well imagine that as a kicking off point for the unbelievably beautiful reception!