Peony Bouquets
Peony Bouquets
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Contrasting Reds

From pale pink to deep crimson, this peony bouquet is as rich as it is romantic.

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Source: BY 100 Layer Cake / Photography BY Laura Gordon
Whimsical & Fun

Peonies are by nature a whimsical flower. Have fun with your bouquet by keeping your structure free and adding ribbons and pops of green.

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Source: BY 100 Layer Cake / Photography BY Our Labor of Love
Woodsy & Seasonal

If you're paying homage to the peony in the months of Fall and Winter, include some rich wood tones like these magnolia leaves.

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Source: BY 100 Layer Cake / Photography BY Tory Williams
Preppy and Pink

The pink hued peonies are possibly the most popular of the bunch.

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Source BY 100 Layer Cake / Photography BY Jesse Leake Photography
Whites & Greens

Add a touch of green to an otherwise pale bouquet for a hint of girliness.

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Source: BY A Crimson Kiss / Photography BY KT Merry
All White Peonies

An all white peony bouquet - sans any greenery at all - is the epitome of classic. Think ballgowns, black ties and engraved invitations. And of course, pure gorgeousness.

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Source BY A Crimson Kiss / Photography BY KT Merry
Pink & Layered

Peonies come in varying shapes and sizes, buds and full blooms, pinks and mauves. Embrace the myriad of gorgeousness and let the flower shine in all of it's diverse glory.

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Source BY Bridal Musings / Photography BY Jonas Peterson
Coral Charmed

The Coral Charmed Peony is the one that stole our hearts many moons ago. Accented with yellows and greens, this stem is all about the chic, all about the happy.

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Source: BY Bridal Musings / Photography BY Laura Murray Photography
Peaches, Greens and Pinks

Consider using your bouquet to set the tone for your entire wedding color palette. This bouquet feels cohesive and its colors can waterfall down to the invitations, the centerpieces, the linens and even the maids gowns.

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Source BY Bridal Musings / Photography BY Lauren Kinsey
Hand Tied Peonies

Consider saving a pretty penny by making your own peony filled bouquet.

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Source: BY Burnett's Boards / Photography BY Abbey Moore

Because peonies come as dark as deep red and as pale as the softest pinks, consider creating an ombre effect with your bouquet by bringing in lots of stems from light to dark.

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Source: BY Grey Likes Wedding / Photography BY Sarah Hasstedt
Chic & Sophisticated

Create a chic focal point by building your arrangement around a single, gorgeous hued peony.

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Source: BY Oh Lovely Day
Easy DIY White Bouquet

Now that you're good and inspired, go make your own Peony Bouquet! This simple, simple, simple DIY is for just about every bride on every budget.

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Source: BY Rustic Wedding Chic
Pair it with Glitter

Bright pink peonies paired against a glittery gown = ummm, sheer perfection.

Photography BY Clean Plate Pictures
Grayed Out

Peonies truly pop against the softness of a muted bridesmaid gown.

Photography BY Katelyn James Photography / Floral Design BY Couture Designs
Garden Variety

With bits of foliage tucked in for texture, a true garden inspired bouquet can be created.

Photography BY Katelyn James Photography / Floral Design BY Couture Designs
Rustic Loveliness

Don't worry about your peonies aging just past their prime as the day goes on...even slightly wilted blooms look rustic and utterly gorgeous.

Photography BY Meg Smith Photography / Florist BY Kathleen Deery

A mass of single colored peonies has an enormous impact visually.

Photography BY Leila Brewster / Floral Design BY Sayles Livingston Flowers / Wedding Dress BY Monique Lhuillier / Bridesmaids' Dresses BY Ivy and Aster
Classic & Tailored

Just and barely bloomed peonies brought tightly together give way to a crisp, modern and chic look.

photography BY Paper Antler / flowers BY nancy bishop floral design
A Focal Point

Choose one bloom that is larger than the rest to create a look that draws the eye right in.

Photography BY Sarah Kate / Florist BY Jackson Durham
Sweet and Girly

Peonies are nothing if not entirely girly. Go with soft muted colors, paired with ivories and pale greens for an ultra feminine look.

Photography BY Forever Photography Studio / Flowers BY wow factor
Bigger is Better

Okay not always, but in the case of peonies...whether you tuck one into a larger bouquet of less pricey stems or you go all out, peonies will always be at the top of our bouquet list!

Photography BY Ryan Ray Photography / Event Coordination BY Kristin Mullen / Floral Design BY Stems of Dallas