Social Media Dos & Don'ts For The Newly Engaged
Social Media Dos & Don'ts For The Newly Engaged
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DO use social media platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr as a guide, but DON'T become so wrapped up in Pinterest-perfection that you lose sight of reality. 

Not everything you see online should (or will) make it into your wedding day. Focus on crafting the unique day that fits your vision and your budget, not someone else's. 
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DON'T update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (etc.) moments after he pops the question. 

Our recommendation? Take at least a full day to soak in all the happiness! There's something old-world romantic about just keeping the moment between the two of you. And if you're itching to post before a full day is up, remember this is one special moment you and your hubby will never get back!

Social media will still be there waiting tomorrow, we promise.
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DO be prepared for the influx of love about to pour through your inbox and notifications. 

Believe it or not, your growing friend list is bound to see the news, so don't be surprised if you have a hard time filtering through notifications for a few days!

On the other hand, DON'T feel like you need to respond to every comment, like and message popping up in your notifications. 

Sprinkle in a few "thank yous" here and there, but remember to take this time to soak in all the love and excitement going on away from the screen.
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DO take engagement photos (see our editor's tips for getting comfy) and share some of your favorites! 

But remember, there's probably no need to upload every single of the 50 to 100 pictures your photographer snapped. Sometimes, less really is more.

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DON'T update your status or fill an entire Facebook album of proposal photos before you reach out to your immediate family and friends. 

Your mom, grandmother and future Maid of Honor will be none too pleased to find out such big news from nosey distant relatives or social media acquaintances.
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DO share the love with the occasional ring selfie or proposal picture. 

It's can be overwhelming remembering to reach out to every friend, cousin and acquaintance in post-proposal bliss, so a sweet status or photo is the perfect way to share the news with those friends who aren't on your recently dialed list. 

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DON'T use social media as a basis for comparison, whether it's ring sizes, proposal stories or anything else. 

Obsessing over another girl's rock or hinting that you wished he would've proposed like so-and-so will only make your groom (and you) feel self-conscious. Focus on your journey.
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DO take your time capturing the perfect ring selfie.

Wait it out until you get that chipped mani fixed, and can find some decent lighting! Find more tips for perfecting your ring selfie here.  (And remember, say NO to flash!)

DON'T blow up your friend's timelines, Twitter and Insta feeds every day. 

 It's totally understandable to be over-the-moon with excitement, but it's another thing to be the girl who uploads a ring selfie or wedding countdown clock every single day. (Yes, we've seen both.) 
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DO take your time on coming up with the perfect unique #weddinghashtag. 

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DON'T turn to social media as a platform to vent about wedding planning, your tricky step-mother (ahem, sub-tweeters) or your piling up wedding costs. 

Keep things light-hearted online, and if you feel like you still need a channel to vent, write it out in a journal. No one wants to be remembered as the Facebook Bridezilla.
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