20 Modern Nurseries
20 Modern Nurseries
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Chevron Love

We just can't help but fall head over heels with this space in it's entirety. From chevron mural to coral dresser, there's just no shortage of all out fabulous.

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Pretty in Pastel

Though this room is filled to the brim with crisp, clean lines, the pops of pastel manage to keep it baby friendly all at once.

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Bold Wallpaper

We're embarrassingly obsessed with this wallpaper. It adds an unexpected element to what's typically considered a saccharine space.

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Oversized Print

By incorporating oversized artwork and floating storage, this nursery feels instantly modern, yet undeniably inviting.

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Bits of Color

The pops of primary colours in this otherwise black and white room help add an element of whimsy to this modern space.

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Minimalism at Work

Void of unnecessary adornments of any shape or form, this is one minimalist nursery that still manages to feel effortlessly chic and totally adorable.

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Mid Century Modern

Mid-century modern is the name of the game here, and we are totally and completely on board.

Design & Styling BY Christina Louks / Photography BY Amber Fouts
Adorable Art

Though modern at it's core, the wooden details and adorable art help incorporate an element of warmth to this teeny tiny space.

Photography BY Angela Newton Roy Photography
Character Galore

Proof that modern doesn't necessarily mean boring, this is one miniature bedroom filled to the brim with character.

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Seeing Stars

Though ultimately calm and seren, the bold golden star decals help infuse a touch of modern into this downtown chic nursery.

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Amazing Art

It's never too early to introduce art, and I hate to admit that I'm jealous of this babies' collection.

Photography BY Sara Kate Photographer
Painted Ceiling

The combination of graphic prints paired with the most amazing ceiling in all the land, and this is one nursery I'd happily call my own.

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Simply Lovely

With subtle hints of colour infused into a monochromatic space, this tiny nursery feels modern, yet fresh all at once.

Photography BY Sarah Kate Photo
Modern Neutrals

Let's face it, is this not the most perfectly calming space to bring baby home? Modern neutrals for the win!

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Girly Details

We can't help but fall head over heels for this girly pad. And if you think this tiny vignette is cute, you should see the rest of the space!

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Natural and Neutral

Neutral elements, an exquisite mural and layers upon layers of woven textures help ensure this modern nursery remains warm and inviting.

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White on White

Void of color, this white on white nursery manages to straddle that beautiful line between modern and absolutely elegance.

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Modern Meets Traditional

This neutral beauty manages to feel modern and traditional all at once. No easy feat, I tell you!

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Bold Stripes

Though, at it's core, this nursery is quite simple, the bold vertical stripes infuse a modern edge that we totally adore.

Modern Elegance

Modern elements are infused with golden details and dainty chandeliers to create an eclectic room perfect for baby girl.