20 Chic Ideas for an Organized Office
20 Chic Ideas for an Organized Office
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Bins & Boxes
Keep things in place by storing office supplies, important documents and the like in labelled bins and boxes. We are especially obsessed with these pinky-hued beauties and love that having them on display only adds to the office decor.
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Go Crazy with Gold
This is one of those awesome "why didn't I think of that!" type DIY projects. Simply wrap empty tin cans in strips of metallic leather and use them to corral your pens and pencils for pennies! Image source

Neutral is Nice
If you're hoping to create a calm, serene work environment, consider going neutral as your base, and infusing just a single colour or two for instant office bliss.

Get Creative
Scour your local thrift shop, flea market and antique stores to score awesome vintage pieces that help keep floating pens and pencils at bay, all while looking terribly chic.

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Clip It!
A fun alternative to your standard bulletin board: clip boards! Wrap a few in printed fabric and hang on your walls for a heavy dose of lovely.

Think Outside the Box
Don't feel as if you have to resign yourself to office furniture alone. Think outside the box and consider repainting an old kitchen table as a desk, or picking up a dining room sideboard as file storage.

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Great Accessories Help
Pick up a few chic accessories that you're excited to have on display. Shop by Monika carries a handful of lucite and gold beauties that seriously make us drool.

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More Accessories!
Similarly, Poppin is another fabulous company that carries the chicest of the chic office supplies.
Invest in Pretty
In the event that your office does get thrown into disarray, making sure that your bits and baubles are adorable will help alleviate some of the pain. I'm certain by now that this is universal, but our love for Rifle Paper Co. notebooks runs deep.

Hang a Blackboard
The blackboard is a fantastic way to keep up to date with to-do lists and upcoming tasks. Bonus: it looks so chic, especially when framed out with thick mouldings.
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Craft Paper Rolls
Not only does a roll of craft paper add a bit of je ne sais quoi to your office space, it also is a great tool for brainstorming sessions and note jotting.

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Super Storage
In the event that you're forced to share an office space, consider one super sized desk, supported by tons and tons of drawer storage!
Get Creative
Haven't found office accessories you love? Try a cute mug!

Mason Jars
You know all those empty pasta jars you've been saving for no real reason? Put them to good use by storing craft supplies, paper clips, washi tape and the like! Bonus: they're cute enough to keep on display.

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Wastepaper Baskets
Keep all those rolled up projects in one spot by utilizing empty wastepaper baskets.

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Staggered Shelving
Not only does an entire wall of shelving provide some serious storage, but it adds an element of interest to an otherwise uninteresting space. Consider stagering the shelves for an added layer of interest! Image Source

Real Life Pin Boards
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, real life pin boards are your friend! Not only do they help to inspire, they're also ridiculously chic and a great place to pin those mini to-do's.
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Cute Accessories
I'm of the firm belief that when you love your work space, you're much more likely to keep it neat and tidy. Make sure no detail is left unthought of by picking up a beautiful lamp and an even more amazing mouse pad!

White Board Winning
Call it old school, but you don't alway have to reinvent the wheel. Picking up an oversized whiteboard is a great tool to jot down notes, weekly to-do's, and helps avoid a pile up of floating post-its!

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Hay Boxes
We have a bit of an obsession with Hay Boxes around here. They come in the prettiest pastels, making it totally appropriate to store and stack front and center. Image source