15 Fashion DIY's
15 Fashion DIY's
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DIY Leather Hair Tie
Truth: every single one of us at SMP has a massive girl crush on Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere . She can pretty much do no wrong in our books, but these adorable leather hair ties have particularly stolen our attention! Who knew a ponytail could be so chic?
DIY Printed Pumps
If there's one thing that always speaks to me when it comes to fashion, it's shoes. And I'm normally on camp don't-tamper-with-them, but these DIY printed pumps have totally changed my frame of mind!
DIY Hair Baubles
We adore In Honor of Design on any given day, but her monthly DIY's are particularly amazing (she's constantly hitting it out of the park!) And these sweet hair adornments? They're my favourite to date.
Photography BY In Honor of Design
Studded Pant Cuffs
Totally and completely obsessed with this subtle studded cuff . It's like rockstar chic for a fraction of the price, and all of the style!
Sequined Clutch
The second you say sequins, my interest is immediately piqued. But this particular clutch is totally and completely beyond. And in all honesty? I would have happily paid big bucks for it if I didn't know I could make it myself!
DIY Peek-a-Boo Sweater
We're slowly getting to the point where we can forgo those bulky winter sweaters and opt for lighter versions instead! *cue excitement* This embellished beauty has quickly made its way onto my list!
DIY Glittery Heels
We whipped up these glittery heels a while ago for our fashion magazine, and they're still totally current and totally adorable. Love!
DIY Infinity Bracelet
Consider this the modern-day friendship bracelet, but infinitely chicer!
DIY Watercolor Sweatshirt
We can always could on PS - I Made This to bring us fantastic DIY projects each and every day, but this DIY watercolor sweatshirt is particularly striking!
DIY Jewelry Tray
Because, let's face it, you need a place to store all of these DIY bits & baubles! This project totally fits the bill.
Photography & Styling BY In Honor of Design
DIY Bauble Necklace
The best part of this DIY necklace is that each one is totally unique and totally different. Plus, they're kind of insanely fun to make!
Styling & Photography BY Style Me Pretty Living
DIY Bracelet
Admit it: had we not have told you, you never would have known that these were handmade!
DIY Printed Dress
Not only is this dress handmade, but the fabric has been dyed BY THE SUN. I know. Color me impressed!
DIY Rhinestone Belt
Whether you pair this with a fancy dress, or to cinch the waist of a long cardigan, this DIY rhinestone belt is surprisingly versatile, and beyond adorable.
DIY Jewelry Tray
And lastly, wrangle all your newly made bits and baubles in a super organized way with this make-it-yourself jewelry tray!