Small Space, Big Style
Small Space, Big Style
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Cozy Living Room
Taylor Sterling's cozy Californian living room may be small, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in serious style. Classic pieces and bright white walls help pull this whole room together.
Event Planning BY Merren Events
Wild Washroom
Proof that wallpaper works in even the smallest of spaces!
Photography BY Yvonne Rock Photo
Teeny Kitchen
Handy tip: utilize a small cart on wheels in a tight space. Not only does it give you oodles of extra storage, it looks cute AND can be relocated as needed.
Photography BY Yvonne Rock Photo
Chic Office
If you're ever looking for our wedding editor, Stephanie, chances are this is where you'll find her. And do you really blame her? With gilded & girly accents you can barely tell that her office is pint-sized!
Photography BY Ruth Eileen Photography
Dining for Three
Erin Boyle's 250 square foot New York apartment has been well documented on her blog in the past. And it's well worth a mention once more. You wouldn't believe how much pretty she packed into this tiny little space!
Photography BY Bryce Covey Photography
Pint-Sized Kitchen
Literally everything in Taylor Sterling's kitchen has been shrunken down (hello adorable fridge and range!) To the point that upon first inspection you likely wouldn't even realize this kitchen is itty-bitty. But what it lacks in space it makes up for in EVERYTHING else.
Event Planning BY Merren Events
Wide Open
Similar to Taylor's kitchen, this guy is bitty. But the lack of upper shelves and the wide open windows makes it feel light, airy, and anything but little.
Photography BY Julien Fernandez
Golden Bedroom
This is the whole bedroom. All of it. But you don't mind what with the hints of gold and subtle pattern play, now do you?
Event Planning BY Merren Events
Views for Miles
Okay so this ones kind of cheating and isn't totally doable for all of us, but with those views you'd never realize that this bedroom is literally the size of that bed.
Photography BY Homepolish
Handsome Hallway
A word from the wise: when living in a small space, make sure to use every square inch. That means that hallways is totally up for grabs.
Photography BY Therese Winberg
Miniature Dining Room
Leave it to Caitlin Flemming to put together the most beautifully styled dining room I ever did see. I wouldn't even mind if I could only ever host a handful of guest at a time!
Photography BY Bess Friday / Design BY Sacramento Street
Teeny Nursery
I swear I've pinned this nursery a million and one times. This pink and white haven is so sweet, noticing it's size is totally an afterthought!
Photography BY lane Dittoe Fine Art Wedding Photography