The Anti-Super Bowl Party
The Anti-Super Bowl Party
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So what do you do when your favorite team does not make the cut? Or when you honestly could not care less about the game but die for the half time show? You host an Anti Super Bowl Party! We've got game day treats given a pretty makeover and fun games that will keep ALL super bowlers really, really happy.
Champagne "Beer" Jello Shots
Every good party needs a great cocktail and this one has football fabulous written all over it. They look like mini beers but they are actually Pineapple Jello Shots, complete with a frothy top. Click here for the recipe!
Colorful Details
An easy way to take a party up a notch is to splash your decor with unexpected cute and colorful details. Striped paper straws, fun drink stirrers or cocktail skewers add a dose of color and your party will feel more festive instantly.
French Fry Cones
We used tiny french fry cones that we already had on hand (thanks to the lovely Peter Callahan) but you could easily make your own or use those cone paper dixie cups you often find next to the water cooler (we won't tell your boss).
Mini 3 Layer Cakes
Best part of the day? Devouring three of these little cutie pies. Using boxed cake mix, pre-made frosting and a mini whoopie pie pan, these were a cinch to whip up and the results are lovely defined. Get the DIY here.
Yard Line Popcorn
We used berry baskets to hold popcorn because A) they are the perfect size for individual servings (no double handies allowed) and B) they have a great surface to update with a cute yard line.
3 Bite Smoked Cheddar Burgers
3 Bite Burgers are THE BEST. Because who wants to take a huge messy bite out of a traditional party and try to talk to friends at the same time? We dressed ours with smoked cheddar + sweet and spicy pickles but the options here are endless. Click for the recipe here!
3 Bite Pulled Pork + Biscuits
Abby's a Southern girl and as far as she's concerned a proper Anti-Super Bowl Party is just not a party without a bit of BBQ (though I hail from the north, I totally agree). Try these SO easy 3 Bite Pulled Pork + Biscuits and you will never go back to the full sandwich again. Click here for the recipe!
3 Bite Tacos
As you can tell, we took traditional Super Bowl dishes and gave them a mini makeover for our Anti-Party and these tacos definitely stole the show. Filled with ground turkey, avocado cream, pico de gallo and a wedge of lime, they are 100% a crowd pleasure. Get the recipe here!
Football Cheesecakes
We gave traditional cheesecake a football (albeit a very girly football) makeover with a football shaped cookie cutter and some pretty pink sprinkles. Just make your favorite cheesecake in a 12x9" pan (you might need to lower the cooking time), chill and cut out. Easy breezy.
Setting Your Table
When you go to set your table, think levels. Use cake stands, lucite boxes, covered or painted shoe boxes and the like to give your table both height and depth. And most show off all of the goodness that you whipped up for the big day.
Gold Leaf Coasters
It's no secret that we love a splash of gold on SMP. We covered really basic white cardboard coasters entirely with gold leaf. It is a mistake-free project and you can make it Super Bowl worthy by sealing them and writing the players numbers using a white chalk pen.
Newspaper Pom Poms
We have never read a sports section in our entire life but we've definitely found a way to put it to good use with these newspaper pom poms. Whether you are cheering for Bruno Mars or Eric Decker's rear end, these little gems will definitely make for a festive accoutrement. DIY Here.
Easy Games
Even when you hear people say ugh, we do not want games... they generally have fun when they play them. So we always suggest having a few subtle, easy to play, easy to mock games going. We loved these rating cards! Wether you are rating the half time show, the actual plays (or the players!), these are a fun way to get the laughter flowing.