Blank Walls? 20 Things You Can Do To Jazz Them Up!
Blank Walls? 20 Things You Can Do To Jazz Them Up!
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Splurge on Mouldings
Chair rails, casings, crown... any and all of it will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It is a classic application, guaranteed to stand the test of time. And well worth any additional costs you may incur as a result!
Photography BY Tessa Neustadt
Get Thrifty
Scour flea markets, vintage shops, or, heck, your neighbours garage sale for unique, one of a kind pieces. A mosaic mirror, a rustic bench, items with history and patina are guaranteed to add those layers of love to your space.
Photography BY Paper Antler
Accent Wall
Whether you opt for a simple, subtle swipe of paint or an all out graphic extravaganza, the accent wall is a beautiful (inexpensive) way to create interest in a space. In short? We love it!
Photography BY Heidi Lau
Consider adding patterned wallpaper to your space. If the idea of wallpaper freaks you out, keep it tone on tone for a subtle, yet impactful, approach.
Photography BY Jessica Kettle Photography / Photography BY Jylare Smith Photography / Photography BY Lindsey Orton Photography
Frame Sentimental Pieces + Photos
Whether it is a love poem scribbled on a napkin from your beloved, the movie ticket stub from your very first date, or the note the doctor scribbled during your 18 week check up that excitedly proclaims ITS A GIRL!, there is just something about framing sentimental pieces. Bonus? It is free.
Photography BY Heidi Lau
Add Board + Batten
You would be surprised at how far a little paint, a little trim, and a weekend knee deep in a DIY project can take you!
Photography BY Esther Sun
Get Gilded and Gold
You heard it here first folks: gold is here to stay! So whether you infuse it into your home using a twisted, gilded mirror, sparkling wallpaper, simple, classic, sconces or all of the above, this is one design decision you will not ever regret.
Photography BY Heidi Lau
Hide an Unsightly Radiator
There is not much that dampens a space like a hideous radiator staring at you from the across the room. Consider having a radiator cover built, and utilizing the surface above. A simple mini-bar will always get our vote!
Photography BY Paper Antler
Display Your Utensils
For the chefs amongst us, do not be afraid to show off your tools! And if you are not a master in culinary arts, you can still join the fun and trick everyone into believing you know just what you are doing in there.
Photography BY Sargeant Photography
Mirror, Mirror
Where form and function collide. Our best advice while mirror hunting? Keep your eyes peeled for something with interest, like Coco + Kelleys show-stopping graphic beauty.
Photography BY Katie Parra
Painted Stripes
This application is probably the best bang for your buck. Thought slightly more labour intensive with all the measuring and taping and what-have-you, the results are always impressive. Grab our tips for painting a striped wall here.
Photography BY Heidi Lau / Event Planning BY Chapters
Eclectic Vignettes
We love this trio of abstract art paired with a wall-stacked book pile and greenery to boot.
Photography BY Heidi Lau
Create an Inspiration Board
Its like Pinterest, but tangible! The best part? It can grow and change as you do.
Photography BY Yazy Jo / Design BY Lala Lovely Things
Paint a Chalkboard Wall
Not only is the matte black finish incredibly appealing, its also super handy to have on hand. Distract your kids while you are whipping up dinner, keep track of weekly to-dos or, if you're feeling fancy, write out tonights menu in your prettiest penmanship for a kitchen chalkboard wall!
Photography BY Jessica Kettle Photography / Photography BY Jylare Smith Photography / Photography BY Lindsey Orton Photography
Create a Mini Gallery
If you have spent any time on Pinterest in the last year, you are already well aware that gallery walls are all the rage these days. But I can attest to the fact that those babies can run you a pretty penny. If you are on a budget, consider a mini version! Its a quarter of the price with similar impact. I call that a win!
Photography BY Monica Wang
Get Creative
Vintage signs? Rainbow coloured arrows? You better believe you should hang those puppies. Put on your DIY hat and try out these copper arrows!
Photography BY In Honor of Design
Display Your Jewels
I can assure you those bobbles want to be seen. Plus, look how cute!
Photography BY Heidi Lau / Event Planning BY Chapters
Incorporate Open Shelving
Not only does it make life that much easier while unloading the dishwasher, it also adds visual appeal to any and every space!
Photography BY Ashley Capp
Turn Fabric Into Art
Your grandmothers vintage scarf, a snippet of your babies first pyjamas (the ones he grew out of in record speed *tear*), or a swatch of Kelly Wearstlers exquisite fabric that you simply can not afford en masse... Yep. Frame it. The results are lovely!

Photography BY Victor C. Sizemore Photography
Pipe Bookshelf
You can totally and completely transform any space with some inexpensive pipe, a few fittings and some walnut stained lumber.
Photography BY Heidi Lau / Event Planning BY Chapters