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DIY Project: Southern Style Treats

This next one, crafted by the lovely Mekala of Tie that Binds, just reminds me of my Texas roots. Love that.

And here is the breakdown. There are lots of components so it's lengthy...but, you could craft all or just one and still end up with a pretty great gift for your guests!

Step 1

Sunflower Seeds
Homemade/Favorite BBQ sauce (homemade recipe found...


DIY Project: Violet Petals

It's Day three (and the last day) of our DIY contest! We have so many great projects for you to devour today...from send off bells to custom bottles of bbq, each is completely unique and completely fabulous. First up, are these crystallized petals of violets crafted by Julie...

Here is the breakdown and instructions...

I am a future bride from Toulouse, France. We'll marry on May the 9th in Tarbes, a town near Pyrénées, and we have are using purple and anise...


DIY Project: Irish Cream

As an Irish girl myself, I adore this next project. So completely innovative and it's pretty! The perfect combination! Plus, she's included the template for the cute recipe tag so it's more about assembly than design, thus anyone can do it. Love that.

Here is the breakdown and instructions...

Downloadable Tags
Mason Jars & Ribbon from Michael's Craft Store
Homemade Irish Cream



DIY Project: Sugar Packets

I am obsessed with this next project. And obsessed might just be putting it lightly. I love when ideas come my way that I haven't ever seen before and not only is this one new to me, it's so designed so beautifully that it just appeals to my own sense of style and love of simplicity. Plus, it uses the Gocco which just might be the best invention EVER.

Here is the breakdown and instructions...

From the lovely bride...As we're having a destination wedding in...


DIY Project: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I love this next project a lot. Probably too much. Chocolate covered pretzles are such yumminess, you can rest assured that your guests will definitely devour your hard work! Here is the breakdown... From Rachelle, the cute bride... My wedding was last weekend, so what better timing than to submit the favors that I actually made for my guests.  My inspiration came from the chocolate-covered pretzel rods I make every year as Christmas treats.  I have been making them for years...


DIY Project: Spice Jar Favors

Crafted by the same designer who did the tea tins, these GORGEOUS spice jar favors are equally as lovely!

With this project, you create a very affordable favor that does double duty as a placecard holder (for about $2/favor). Fill the vials with spices that coordinate with the colors and/or theme of your wedding.


1. You will need to create artwork for the spice jar label and placecard. The keytag has two sides so take advantage of the...


DIY Project: Tea Tins

You are in for such a treat with this next's so professional, so expensive looking and yet it's really quite simple! Your guests will love it, I promise. Oh and it was designed by Jennifer at Pigweed Press...remember that fabulous wedding we featured a few weeks back?


2.6" Round...


DIY Project: Garden Seed Envelopes

In this day and age, there is nothing better than a favor that adds a bit of beauty to our world. Which is exactly why I love this's sweet and charming, and it will help your guests add a touch of pretty to their day.

Here is the rundown!

These hand folded envelopes holding colorful seed packets are practical (the guest may actually plant the seeds), easy (each one takes 1-2 minutes to make) and chic (you can use any kind of paper to match your...


DIY Project: Potted Banana Bread

The next couple of days on SMP are going to be SO fun. It's finally time to show off all of the fabulous DIY favor projects that our readers have crafted and I have to say, these are some of the best we've seen. The first, was sent to us by Heather and is coined, "Potted Banana Bread"

So cute! Here is the breakdown and instructions...


-ingredients for bread (any quick bread...doesn't have to be this recipe)- grocery store
-medium sized...


DIY Project: Homemade Vanilla Favors

My favorite DIY guru in the whole world, Kathleen of Twig and Thistle, is sharing THE cutest DIY project that I have ever seen. It honestly, just might be my new favorite...DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract and Labels!

From Kathleen..."This is a great project if you've got some time and want to give your guests something homemade. It takes about 2 months for the Vanilla to mature but it's a simple project and a...


Valentine DIY by Twig & Thistle

I was checking out on of my favorite blogs, Twig & Thistle (whose editor just happens to be one of our own lovely DIY editors) when I stumbled upon these ADORABLE Valentine's Day DIY projects. Yes, V-day has come and gone but we're a wedding site so I figured I could milk it for a few extra days...

How cute are those little bags? I'm sorry but they are PERFECT for favor bags. An inexpensive way to add a touch...


DIY Lunch Bag Favors

I am SO SO SO (say that really loud and throw your hands up in the air with spirit sprinkles) excited about today's post. Remember Kathleen, our DIY winner who crafted those amazing hot chocolate wedding favors? Well, we've asked her to become a contributing DIY editor for Style Me Pretty. And today, she is debuting her first completely adorable...


DIY Project – Gumball Favors

We have so many elegant, pretty DIY projects on SMP, I thought it was about time for a really fun, whimsical project. How cute are these Gumball Favors?


Clear flat bottom candy bags which can be purchased in bulk from candy store

Lots of gum balls (about 10 per bag). They can be color specific to your wedding!  We purchased ours from

White labels to fit the width of the bag

Clear tape



DIY Project – Bird’s Nest Favors

So sorry about all of the technical difficulties yesterday...what a mess! But, we are back in full force today, with fun DIY projects that will definitely leave you inspired. The first is simple and pretty, a lovely favor for any wedding!


Mini Bird's Nests
Jordan Almonds
4-bar Flat Cards in Butter from Paper Source
Hole Punch
Blue Ribbon
Tulle, cut in large squares
Bird Stamp and Thank You Stamp
Brown and Green...


DIY Project – Message Marbles

I never would have thought to make these but once I saw them, I knew I had to share. Sprinkled on guests tables and around the reception, these customized "message marbles"  are perfect little take aways for guests.


Flat clear marbles about 1 inch round (I found some at Target)
Computer with Word or InDesign (I found InDesign worked well)
Different colored paper (if desired)
1 inch hole puncher
Decoupage glue


DIY Project – Lip Balm Pockets

These lip balm holders were actually crafted as favors for a birthday party, but I thought that they would also make pretty cute shower gifts or a lovely addition to a bag of must-haves for your bridesmaids! Here is a glimpse into the process involved in making these...   Material   2 colors of cardstock 1 patterned paper Glue Scalloped punch 1 3/8'' circle punch 1 1/4'' circle punch X-acto knife Round stamp Glue Satin Ribbon Lip balm (mine was crafted and...


DIY Project – Bundt Cake Favors

I heart these little bundt cake wedding cute packaged in their pretty green boxes and adorned with a little note! They make the perfect favor!


Recipe for bundt cakes on
bundt cake pans
Favor Boxes purchased at Michaels
Blank Labels


1. Make Bundt Cakes

1 package of yellow cake mix
1 package of instant lemon pudding mix(3 ounces)
3/4 cup of orange juice


DIY Project – Signed Fabric Squares

This next is so thoughtful, I just had to share it with you. Signed Fabric Squares that can then be stitched into a quilt or a great wall hanging. I never would have thought of this idea, and yet I absolutely love it.


1.  Draw or design the background pattern, leaving a place for signing

2.  Go to your local t-shirt shop and ask them to make a screen (or, they could do the whole printing, really)

3.  Wash and dry 100 percent...


DIY Project – Custom Sparklers

One more absolutely adorable project by the reader who created the DIY Matchbooks and Custom Cocoa Bags. This time, it's custom sparklers! LOVE!


Heavy Card Stock
X-Acto Knife
Corner Punch Tool
Glassine Bags


1. Print pattern / image onto a heavy weight card stock (this helps keep the sparklers flat).

2. Trim each one out using an x-acto knife and ruler. Cut out...


DIY Project – Custom Matchbooks

This DIY project is one crafted by the same reader who did yesterdays Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow bags...and I have to say, they are just as cute! Custom Matchbook Covers are just another detail that your guests will totally eat up!


Matchbooks, 1 for every guest
Sticker Paper
Xyron Sticker Machine
X-acto knife


1. To save money we purchased matchbooks from the grocery store. Just break...