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DIY Project – Hot Cocoa and Mashmallows

Our next DIY project is so ridiculously cute, you are going to die. They were filled with homemade snowflake marshmallows and hot cocoa, then placed lovingly into the guests' rooms as a sweet treat. So great!


Heavy Card Stock
Muslin Bags
Thread / Sewing Machine
Corner Punch Tool
Cellophane Envelopes
Resealable Glue Strips
Individual Hot Coco Packets
Recipe for Homemade Marshmallows


Do-It-Yourself Projects by Matthew Mead

I absolutely love this palette from Matthew's Summer 2006 website... all images and information from Matthew Mead Style These perfect little projects are so simple and yet would each be a lovely touch to your wedding... To make the tip can wraps, featured in the top left corner, collect a handful of tin cans leftover from soups and sauces. "Cover each tin with paper and personalize with the couples’ names, date...


Do-It-Yourself Projects by Matthew Mead

I spent some time last night looking through all of Matthew Mead's gorgeous websites and I was reminded of some of his absolutely beautiful DIY projects, most of which can be incorporated into just about any wedding... all photos and instructions from Matthew Mead Style These shabby chic touches are from Matthew's Summer 2007 site. They are sweet and girly and would...


Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects

I love this DIY project...Custom Vinyl inspired Cds and Sleeves filled with the couple's favorite songs. Reminiscent of the old vinyl records, these Cds celebrated the couple's love of music, while adding a vintage flair to an oh-so-chic event....

To Make the Vinyl Records...

We first purchased the records at...