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CEDAR Juice + A Discount + A Giveaway!

Looking your best on your wedding is a given — but feeling your best? It’s a must. That’s why were loving CEDAR Juice, the cold pressed juice cleanse that will help you look + feel amazing for your big day. Not only do CEDAR Juices taste amazing, but they are the perfect kickstart to a whole new healthy living routine!

With CEDAR Juice, not only will you feel rejuvenated on the inside, but you’ll be glowing on the outside — all in time for your big day! Here are just a few of the amazing benefits you’re in for:

  • Energy, Energy, Energy: By the end of day 2 you’ll feel energized & up for anything. We’re not talking the kind of energy you get from your 3pm coffee…this is long lasting energy!
  • Improved Skin Tone:  By flooding your body with nutrients, and omitting processed foods, dairy, meat and grains, your skin will glow. Hello, wedding day photos!
  • Real Weight Loss: Though some of the weight that is lost is water weight, you’ll also naturally lose “real” weight by cutting processed foods, empty calories + dairy!
  • Increased Mental Clarity: There are a million things that need to get done before a wedding, and CEDAR Juice will help you get that to-do list finished by clearing that dreaded “brain fog” we all get.
  • Better Sleep: No more tossing + turning for you! By the end of the three day cleanse, you’ll look forward to better sleep patterns.

Before your cleanse begins, CEDAR Juice provides you with information on how to best prepare (what to eat, what to avoid, etc.) and they also include their Black Book of instructions to help you stay on track. During the cleanse, CEDAR will be in touch to make sure all is going well and after it’s all over, they provide guidance on how to ease back into real foods!

Since doing a cleanse is always easier + more fun with friends, get your honey or bridesmaids on board — because feeling amazing is for everyone! Getting started on your CEDAR Juice cleanse is easy. Simply order online, and they’ll ship the juices right to your door (shipping is free across Ontario). As a special offer for Style Me Pretty readers, CEDAR Juice is offering their three-day cleanse for just $199 with promo code stylemepretty!


The Prize: A lucky reader will win a 3-day cleanse from CEDAR Juice!

To Enter: Comment on this post with why you’d love to win a cleanse from CEDAR Juice.

To Win: One winner will be selected at random and announced in the WIUP on Friday, November 21, 2014

Terms & Conditions: Can all be found right here.  Good luck!


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Alexandra Grecco + A Discount + A Giveaway!

All kidding aside, I have spent many an hour planning the perfect outfit in my head that would highlight one of Alexandra Grecco’s incredible tulle skirts! Rooted in nostalgia, Alexandra Grecco’s heirloom-quality skirts are the perfect addition to an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding bash or even a holiday get together. Ready to swoon?

Alexandra Grecco released her first collection in 2010, which proved to be classic, feminine and truly beautiful. Based in Brooklyn, all of the six-layer tulle skirts are fully lined and have a lovely silk waistband. Layered to create the perfect fit, these timeless, high-quality pieces are made in NYC’s garment district. Available sizes 00-12 in a gorgeous array of colors (ivory, seafoam, grey, black, lavender and more), these Alexandra Grecco tulle numbers are seriously special!

These pretties are available through their online shop — check it out here! Oh, and there’s more! Alexandra Grecco is offering 20% off any purchase with code stylepretty! Offer valid until November 21, 2014. 


The Prize: A lucky reader will win a gorgeous tulle skirt (any color or size 00-12) from Alexandra Grecco! (value $188).

To Enter: Comment on this post with how and where you’d wear your Alexandra Grecco tulle skirt!

To Win: One winner will be selected at random and announced on our Social Hour post on Friday, November 21, 2014.

Terms & Conditions:  See them all right here. Good luck my dears! xoxo


Photo Credits: Ivory Tulle Skirt Couple : KT Merry | Ivory Tulle Skirt Photo: Atlantic Pacific


Prince Edward Island Photo Shoot from Rachel Peters Photography

Let’s be honest, when I first looked at these beautiful images by Rachel Peters Photography I didn’t know this was a “fictional” couple. There is a special je ne sais quoi surrounding this inspirational shoot. Perhaps it’s the vibrant hues in the Hearts and Flowers arrangements or maybe all of the smaller details executed thoughtfully by Modern Jane Design and Kiss the Bride. Whatever it is, this shoot has it. See it all in the full gallery here.

Click here for the FULL photo shoot!

From Rachel Peters PhotographyBen and Amy, our fictional couple, met on the beach in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, while vacationing with friends. They fell in love with each other and also with Prince Edward Island. Two years later they have returned with the same group of friends to create the best memory of Prince Edward Island yet – their wedding! They wanted their day to be about friends, laughter and, of course, the beach. To capture their dream wedding, Ben and Amy reached out to Rachel Peters Photography to capture all the fine points of the day. The details of their casual affair were pulled together by Kiss the Bride at the Prince Edward Island National Park. The color palette of yellow, orange and turquoise was inspired by the island beach landscape of  sun, sand and surf. Held in the evening, the event’s saturated color tones are softened by the setting sun and lots of candlelight. Keeping with the color scheme, local, seasonal flowers were casually arranged by Modern Jane Design in a variety of simple arrangements.

With the bride’s love of the beach in mind, local makeup artist Michelle Cudmore focused on creating a beautiful, bronzed, beach look. Her green eyes were played up with a golden champagne color and makeup that reflected her surfer-girl lifestyle. Cheryl Weeks Hairstylist created a naturally flowing essence to the bride’s hairstyle. Amy’s hair was inspired by knots, braids and twists that could have evolved from a windswept day at the beach. To compliment her style, stackable handmade leather bracelets and custom straw hats featuring vintage reproduction prints were made by Love Charlie.

Ben and Amy are very casual, so it was important that their invitations reflected that. Kim Roach Design created custom invitations especially suited for their special day that featured hand sketched lettering and pops of color. Since their theme was all things beach-related, the colors and tones reflected that found on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. Ben and Amy fell in love with their custom stationery and wanted their cake to reflect the same design elements and whimsical nature. Inspired by the sunset, City View Bakehouse created a magical cake that featured a bottom tier with three tone turquoise waves. In keeping with the whimsical feel, a tier of orange and yellow ombre flowers accented the cake décor. Ben loves citrus and Amy love anything salty, so City View Bakehouse created special delicacies that offered lots of options for their guests, including vanilla malt pies, sweet and salty s’mores, orange- and lemon-flavored macaroons and chocolate-covered Prince Edward Island potato chips. Orange Lunchbox also treated guests to food that featured local ingredients, including “The PEI Burger,” an island beef burger, garlic whipped potato, arugula, bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms and garlic aioli, along with halibut tacos and fresh-cut fries seasoned to perfection.

Photography: Rachel Peters of Rachel Peters Photography / Photo Shoot Location: Prince Edward Island National Park (Courtesy of Parks Canada) / Design + Concept: Jane Gallant of Modern Jane Design / Coordination: Jennifer Clark of Kiss the Bride / Floral Design: Hearts and Flowers / Catering: Chef James Oja of The Orange Lunchbox / Sweets: Jennifer Prinz of City View Bakehouse / Root Beer Favors: JJ Stewart / Paper Goods: Kim Roach of Kim Roach Designs / Wedding Dress: Dere Kiang via The Perfect Pear Bridal / Custom Hair Pieces: Alisha Stephen of Love Charlie / Hair: Cheryl Weeks / Makeup: Michelle Cudmore of Michelle Cudmore Makeup Artist / Groom’s Attire: Dows Menswear / Rings: Peter Norton of Norton’s Jewellers

Prince Edward Island Engagement Session by Lauren Craig Photography

This couple is adorable.  Like, the kind of adorable that fills your heart with happy and puts a smile on your face that won’t ever disappear.  And their charming engagement session?  Well, it’s about as cute as it gets with a vintage bicycle and some of the most amazing views of Prince Edward Island that you will ever see.  Lauren Craig Photography snapped up all of the pretty and we’re sending one GIANT virtual hug her way for seriously brightening our Monday.  Click here for more.

From Lauren Craig PhotographyThis engagement session turned out almost as sweet as the couple themselves. From the Kensington train station to the dunes of Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, I shared a beautiful morning with a beautiful couple on a beautiful island. Add it all together, throw in my father-in-law’s childhood bicycle and what do you get? An engagement session with a touch of rustic, a touch of vintage and packed with island charm. Even their names sound like they’re pulled from an old island love story! Brendan and Sara-Jane will be married August 25, 2012 — I’m already looking forward to spending another day with them.  And I’m bringing the bike!

Photography: Lauren Craig Photography / Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada / Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Pink and Gold Inspired Wedding Photo Shoot by Rachel Peters Photography

Pink and gold might be painted on our hearts over here at SMP, because if there is one color combo we just can’t get enough of  - it’s the combination of those two hues. Throw in a little sparkle, some feathers and cute cocktails, and holy moly – you hold us in the palm of your hands. So Rachel Peters Photography and Modern Jane Design have officially made our giddy meter read off the charts numbers with this photo shoot, and we can’t thank them enough. And you know what’s even better? There is more pretty to be had in the full gallery of gorgeous!

Click here for the FULL photo shoot!

From Rachel Peters PhotographyNo doubt, vintage weddings were the major trend this year for photo shoots and weddings. We knew wanted to be different, therefore we set out to create something fresh and current. The idea of a modern styled shoot was born. Our vision was crisp, bright shades of pink paired with shimmering gold. Geometric patterns would take centre stage, connecting with the latest trend popping up in fashion and design. Modern details were created by Modern Jane Design. The table runner was painted with a gold herringbone pattern, as were the mismatched patterned napkins. The silverware was detailed with gold-dipped handles. Plates were each embellished with an irregular stripe of pink enamel paint. The patterns and colors continued with paper products, created by Kim Roach Designs. All included a signature herringbone pattern and were printed on beautiful, textured, pink paper. Another custom designed paper product by Kim Roach Designs was a seating chart named “Love from tip to tip”. This was a seating chart created in the shape of Prince Edward Island — stick pins with names attached and located near guests’ home in PEI were placed on the chart near the entrance of the foft. They would find their name on their home, then find their table.

The delicate sweets created by City View Bakehouse were inspired by details on the bottom of the bride’s dress. Instead of designing the cake in the traditional white or ivory, lots of colour was used to tie into the details of the modern concept. Macaroons and ombre cakes are a real trend in weddings, a great complement to the wedding cake. Makeup was by Michelle Cudmore Makeup Artist. Michelle sought to create a fresh, youthful look. The main focus of her makeup is the bold pink lipstick. Bold, bright lipsticks are really on trend for spring/summer 2012 and the model has nice full lips, so she carried it off perfectly. Light, sheer foundation was used as to not cover her beautiful skin and lovely freckles. The eye makeup was kept simple and neutral but false lashes add some glamour. Brides today want versatility in their headwear, being able to change or have multiple accessories for their big day. All pieces were created by Love Charlie with removable veils, creating versatility and modern styling that works with the overall theme and gown. The “Loise” cocktail hat in ivory has a very haute couture styling. It also has a removable smaller fascinator which the bride can switch to after the ceremony. Each piece works perfectly with the sleek hairstyle created by stylist Cheryl Weeks. Modern hair has lots of shape, in this case geometric circles mimicking the dress. The outdoor portion of the shoot was captured at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. The centre was built in 1964 as Canada’s National Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation, who gathered here at Province House in 1864 to discuss the creation of our country. The couple wanted to their union to be photographed here not only because of the modern architectural details, but also because it represents the union of our great country. The reception was held at the Y Lofts in downtown Charlottetown. The Y Lofts was once home to the city’s YMCA before being renovated into the modern, art/living loft-condo spaces.

Our Fantasy Couple: Adeline is a country girl that was raised on Prince Edward Island and has now moved to the city. She works in healthcare and loves to entertain. Carson is an architect and has lived in the city his entire life. He has designed their new home, a condo in the heart of Charlottetown. The couple love to entertain and regularly host small dinner parties in their new home. The wedding is true reflection of their personal style — Adeline is a lover of all things bright and pink, and Carson is passionate about modern design. Together they have created the perfect home, and it’s no surprise they used the same approach for their wedding. The meal at the intimate wedding features the products of local farmers and fishermen on PEI. The takeaway wine was supplied by a local winery (Newman Estates). Adeline and Carson believe in choosing local whenever possible. 

Photography: Rachel Peters of Rachel Peters Photography / Photo Shoot Venue: Y Lofts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island / Design Concept: Jane Gallant of Modern Jane Design / Coordination: Jennifer Clark of Kiss the Bride / Floral Design: Hearts and Flowers / Paper Products: Kim Roach of Kim Roach Designs / Sweets: Jennifer Prinz of City View Bakehouse / Wedding Dress: Jacquelin Exclusive via The Perfect Pear Bridal (902-370-7327) / Bride’s Shoes: Benjamin Walk via The Perfect Pear Bridal (902-370-7327) / Custom Headwear: Alisha Stephen of Love Charlie / Hair: Cheryl Weeks / Makeup: Michelle Cudmore of Michelle Cudmore Makeup Artist / Groom’s Suit + Shoes: Dows Menswear / Rings: Peter Norton of Norton’s Jewellers / Models: Jared Murphy + Chelsie Cecilia McInnis