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Sweet Texas-Inspired Country Wedding in Alberta

You can take the couple out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the couple. This sweet country-rustic wedding is proof of that. Though the bride and groom left their native Texas for new adventures in Canada, they enlisted JoyFoley Weddings to bring the South up North with rustic details like mason jars and longhorns and gorgeous photos from Kristyn Harder Photography. See all the loveliness here.


From JoyFoley Weddings… Jaclyn and Carson have a love like no other. A relationship developed slowly over time these two have created a bond that’s magical.

When I first met Jaclyn and her parents I knew instantly that their wedding was going to be full of simple traditions and country flare. As Texans relocated to Canada, the Jordan family wanted to bring what they love most to the design for J+C’s big day: the country. We worked at creating simple and understated but very pretty centerpieces. Amborella Floral Studio brought the mason jars to life by adding bright and natural wild flowers, as well as creating the bride the bouquet she’d always dreamed about. The Silvertip resort was the perfect venue for combining the country flare that the Jordan’s love with the rustic elegance that their new home, the Rocky Mountains, is famous for. With Kristyn Harder {Kristyn Harder Photography} behind the lens I knew that Jaclyn and Carson’s wedding would be captured as they’d always dreamed about. The images are soft, romantic and beautiful.

Their wedding day was full of love and emotion and watching these two, along with their families, join in marriage was a very beautiful experience.

Photography: Kristyn Harder Photography | Event Planning: JoyFoley Weddings | Floral Design: Amborella Floral Studio | Stationery: Pink Umbrella Designs | Ceremony Venue: Richmond Hill Baptist Church | Reception Venue: Silvertip Resort | Makeup: Robyn Kirkpatrick | Rentals: Special Event Rentals

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3 Ways to Include Your Furry Best Friend in Your Wedding

We treat our pets like family, so why leave them out of the wedding? Find out how you can include your furry best friend in the festivities with these three fun ideas—just make sure to double check your venue’s policy on animals beforehand!

3 Ways to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding

Dress The Part

Tie a ribbon (like this adorable Maltese) or flowers around his collar (like this Weimaraner puppy), or go the extra mile with a snazzy bow (like this Corgi cutie) or even a full on suit. For a girly look, frilly tutus (like this black polka dot one) are totally adorable. Bonus: you’ll have some pretty darn cute wedding photos!

Wear Something Blue

Include your pet in your wedding traditions by having her don a blue collar (like this beautiful horse) or leash (like this mini golden doodle)!

Be a Helping Paw

Let him greet guests at the door with this welcome sign, help you get ready for your big day, take a nap at the altar during the ceremony as a member of your wedding party, or be your ring bearer. Just don’t be surprised if he steals the show!

Photography: Michael And Carina Photography

5 Gorgeous Canadian Wedding Venues

As a Bride-to-be, you know that most of the Big Day planning process hinges on a single factor: the venue. Once this important piece of the puzzle has been decided upon, almost everything else seems to fall into place. If you’re a Canadian Bride-to-be who hasn’t yet set her sights on a particular locale, take a peek below to see some of our faves!

5 Gorgeous Canadian Wedding Venues

Hycroft Manor (shown above): This gorgeous heritage manor, home to the University Women’s Club of Vancouver, is surrounded by sweeping terraces, manicured gardens, and sky-high Roman-style columns in front. See it on SMP here.

Cecil Green Park: An SMP all time favorite, this traditional mansion has it all: vaulted ceilings in the great hall, gorgeous gardens and lawn surrounding, and tiled verandas just begging for cocktail hour. See it on SMP here.

Art Gallery of Alberta: With strikingly unique architecture, modern design, and gorgeous art-as-interior-decor to boot, the Art Gallery of Alberta is an excellent choice for any couple looking to host a reception with contemporary flair. See it on SMP here.

Chateau Montebello: This charming rustic retreat (which is also actually the world’s largest log cabin!), is stunning any time of the year, but is especially magical as a cozy retreat for a winter wedding. See it on SMP here.

1871 Berkeley Church: With sky-high vaulted ceilings, rustic herringbone-patterned hardwood floors, 17-foot tall stained glass and a built-in Victorian bar, this gorgeously renovated church is an escape from the ordinary. See it on SMP here.

Photography: Vasia Photography

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Romantic Outdoor Tea Party Bridal Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I want to crawl through my screen to live in this inspiration. Because when Aamie Gillam Photography incorporates all your favorite things (I’m talking fluffy bunnies and cupcakes) it’s only a matter of time before I move in. One look at the gorgeous gallery and you’ll see just what I mean, more here!

From Aaime Gillam PhotographyA vintage inspired tea party accentuating custom décor, paper products and real floral arrangements. These were topped off with some tasty baked goods from a local bake shoppe.

This photo shoot took place in a historic building that was originally constructed in 1914 by the Marconi Telegraph Co. during World War I as the top secret H.M. Wireless Station for the British Royal Navy. This station, now the last standing of 13 around the world, was built to intercept secret German naval transmissions, track icebergs and ships in distress. Located on these grounds a beautiful display of trees and shrubs and a flowered covered archway that blossoms differently each season as it creates one amazing scene after another. A hot spot location for wedding photos however this day it was all quiet. One big private set to do as we please and create some amazing photos to display. Inspired by rustic wedding themes, this bridal collection showcased local talent and vendors servicing the wedding scene in Newfoundland.

Weather always plays a role in capturing any wedding in Newfoundland. The sudden changes in conditions outside make it tough to create the perfect outdoor wedding photo opportunities. Most of the time photographers are scrambling to find their back up indoor locations so the shoots can go on as planned. The weather wasn’t great this day, however we managed to get almost a full day behind the lens before the rain started. It was a quick tear down once the photos were captured!

The shoot consisted of three photography sets, three stunning brides and a sharp dressed groom. Two of the brides being actual Aamie Gillam Photography past brides that year.

The concept of the 3 sets were inspired by a wedding day starting with capturing the brides in their pre wedding awe.

Set 1 – Viewing themselves in the mirror, brushing their hair and making sure the dress is perfectly placed, the brides spend time in their fantasy room. This is to create the bedroom feel where a bride can collect her thoughts and feel the positive energy from her best friend in the next room that soon will become her life long shinning armour.

Set 2 – The Wedding. A beautifully constructed archway hugged with bright green ivy was the perfect scene to capture beautiful ceremony looking moments. Tastefully decorated and beautifully designed this set was a pleasure to shoot. The vines gave a perforated effect to the natural light through the archway as it delightfully caressed the curves of each bride.

Set 3 – The Tea Party Reception. This set was the key to the whole shoot. The final set would be the grand finale. The sweet display on grandmas gathered china and furry friends would make for an epic finish. One thing, a slight rain shower had started.

Time was short so we had to improvise and get everything the first time. The pressure was on but we knew we would get it done. The added vinery to the gazebo ceiling made for elegant lighting that helped us capture the moments we’d hoped for. The baked desserts that had tempted everyone on site all day were finally being photographed. We could taste the sugar through the lens. The pink and orange macaroons were the perfect backdrop for 3 engagement rings that were just as sweet.

Once the rain started that meant the day had concluded. The rush was on to pack up everything and get it safety out of the rain. A successful shoot it was, one that would show artistic interpretation and elegance. The end of an awesome day that was captured exactly how we had envisioned from the start.

The shoot couldn’t have happened without the help of some amazing people and vendors.

Photography: Aamie Gillam Photography | Event Design: Wedding Belles Decorating | Event Design: Aamie Gillam Photography | Floral Design: Clarke Floral Design | Make Up: Erica Gosse | Makeup Artist: Erica Gosse | Hair: Stacey Sullivan | Hair Stylist: Stacey Sullivan | Baked Goods: Best Kind Bakeshoppe | Paper Products: Sandor Custom Wedding Invitations | Photoshoot Location: Admiralty House Museum

Summertime Surprise Picnic Proposal Inspiration

I’m one of those women who has had my whole wedding planned since adolescence. But, I had never thought about how I wanted my future husband to propose. That is, until I saw this gorgeous proposal inspiration from Just Because Vancouver and Kim James Photography. Future hubs, take note—a surprise proposal (with a photographer on hand to capture the moment) and a spontaneous trip to France will guarantee an enthusiastic “Yes.”

From Just Because VancouverIf you were asked what was one thing you wanted to do before you died, chances are, travelling the world would be on that bucket list. One of our favourite ways to create a wedding proposal is by touching on the couples’ most beloved travel destination. To learn and feel the world’s cultural beauty is one of the most fruitful things to experience in a relationship. So for the summer, we created a chic, French country picnic tablescape with whimsical travel elements for a walk down memory lane. It is also a super creative way to surprise your fiancee-to-be if you have a honeymoon trip destination lined up! (“Surprise honey, we’re getting engaged! Oh yeah, and we’re taking off to France!” – double whammy!) Using violet, white and gold accents, we were able to transform this once dingy, run-down picnic table into a breathtaking space. We wanted to borrow the lavender elements from the south of France, but shy away from the neutral tones to emphasize the colours of summer. Travel elements, such as the suitcases, a bicycle and travel tags reflects their ‘journey’ to the other side of the world. The DIY luggage tags are a small, yet powerful indicator of his proposal because it has her first name sharing his last name and future dates they will soon spend together. So imagine this. Your man leads you on a walk in a local park because it’s a nice day out (which is a rarity for rainy Vancouver!). You two stumble upon a gorgeous set-up, where you approach the bike, the suitcases, and luggage tags. You pick up the luggage tags, read the names and see the chalkboard; as you begin to realize what is about to happen, your man props down on his knee with a diamond ring before you. Your head is spinning, your heart is pounding – this elated moment is indescribable. Afterwards, you two sit down at the picnic table and enjoy a celebratory lunch of your new chapter together, while overlooking a serene lake with sunlight flickering off it.

Photography: Kim James Photography | Event Planning: Just Because Vancouver | Floral Design: Society Floral | Calligraphy : Maurelle Calligraphy & Design | Decor Rentals & Styling: Taffete Designs | Photoshoot Location: Central Park Burnaby | Suitcase Rentals: Vintage Meant For Rent

Romantic Cliffside Couple Session

Would you do anything for love? Take this couple, for example. Prior to meeting her Groom, she booked a one-way ticket in pursuit of her career. That is, until a chance reintroduction brought these high-school classmates together again. Let’s just say, the plane ticket was put on hold and the rest? Well, that m’dears you can see unfold in the gorgeous gallery a la Rhythm Photography, here!

From Rhythm Photography…. When we were talking about their engagement/pre-wedding session, I couldn’t help but propose to do the shoot in Tobermory even though it was a four hour drive away! The beautiful, serene cliff-side at Bruce Peninsula National Park perfectly reflects their personalities as they are both very sweet, kind and always put others first.

During our trip to Tobermory, I had the chance to get to know the two of them better. The two actually met each other back in high school but they didn’t get to know each other well until they went on a cottage trip years later that was arranged by their mutual friends. At that time, Chloe has already made plans to move to Hong Kong to pursue her career and had bought the plane ticket. However, meeting Kelvin has changed her decision and she decided to forgo her one way plane ticket to Hong Kong to stay with him.

On Dec 30th, 2013, Kelvin booked off the entire movie theatre and has arranged a surprise for Chloe. He asked a couple of Chloe’s friends and her sister to bring her to watch a movie. Right before the start of the movie, her friends all made excuses to leave their seats. The theatre was completely empty when the movie started and at that time Chloe still has not suspected anything. However, when the movie started, Chloe noticed something was different. The trailer was no ordinary trailer, it was Kelvin’s proposal movie on the big screen! Kelvin, who was hiding from behind the screen, came out, got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life…and the rest is history!

Photography: Rhythm Photography | Hair And Makeup: H&E Wedding Design | Location: Bruce Peninsula National Park

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