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Beautiful Outdoor Engagement Session

It’s not every day that you get to see an engagement session like this.  A super sweet + super talented photog (the amazing Elisabeth Cloutier Photographer) snapping up drop-dead gorgeous pictures of her little brother and her dear friend, who just so happen to be saying “I do” after she introduced them. Sigh… love makes me so happy.  See every beautiful, sun-filled moment in the full gallery.

From Elisabeth Cloutier Photographer… I’m a professional photographer. I usually take pictures for people I barely know; immortalizing something unforgettable for them. And I always feel grateful to share their special moments with them. This time, it was more than just that. My little brother is getting married. On October 4th, 2014 he’s marrying one of my friends.  Yes, the future bride is also a friend of mine; I studied photography with her. I presented them to each other three years ago at my own wedding… she was my photographer.  They fell in love and now it’s their turn to say yes! Taking pictures of my brother was easy for me. I knew how he would act in front of the camera… Just the same as in real life. But the stress was with my friend; it’s never easy to take pictures of a photographer. I had to convince her that for this afternoon, she was the lover, the future bride, the engaged… NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER! She had to trust me like I trusted her three years ago.  And she finally did. She trusted me to surprise them! At first, they wanted to do the session in a orchard. To cliché, I told them. I wanted something more special for them.  The same morning, I was driving to my parents’ new house in Shefford, QC, Canada and took the little road that my father told me to take. The scenery was supposed to be beautiful. I felt in love. Everything was there. An old chapel, a long dirt road, a mountain… And the light that day was magical!!! We even got the chance to see a deer on our path!  Just as if God wanted them to have a perfect photo shoot.  Even Gloria, their Boston Terrier, got few shots. Jean-Rémy and Andreanne, I was more than just happy to do your engagement session. I am profoundly honoured.

Photography: Elisabeth Cloutier Photographer

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Outdoor Engagement Session in Kelowna

Admittedly, I am having a hard time grasping the fact that it is already July.  I mean, weren’t we just bundling up in sweaters, complaining, err… talking, about the cold weather?  But if anything knocks me straight into reality, it’s this gorgeous e-session from Adrian Photographers, a day that is all about the summer sunshine with a big ol’ side of love and pretty to keep things really interesting.  See it all here.

From Adrian Photographers… An engagement session is the best when it’s an adventure. Driving around with Vancouver couple Melanie and Mario, we found a large open field full of hay bales. With the farmer out attending his field, he welcomed us onto his property. The vastness of the open sky and texture of the land enhanced their photographs and was the perfect spot to capture their fun personalities.

Photography: Adrian Photographers

Engagement Session in the fields of Edmonton

This engagement session is as romantic as they come. And the beauty lies in its simplicity. A field, a couple and Wilhelmina Weddings behind the lens. That’s it. No props or outfit changes. No city streets or sprawling metropolises. This shoot is 100% powered by love and a really gorgeous field in the middle of Edmonton. See even more right here.

From the Bride-to-be… For some reason I always knew that I was going to only have one relationship in my life and that would be with the man I was going to marry. Even though I was aware of this, I was definitely not expecting to meet this person at the age of seventeen. I guess our situation could fit into the “things happen when you least expect them too” category. I was nervous and had a million butterflies in my stomach – Bare in mind that before this point I hadn’t even really kissed a boy in my life. For some strange reason though, as soon as I met Mark I wanted to be close to him. It was such a foreign and amazing feeling for me. I went home and told my best friend that Mark was exactly the type of guy I would want to be in a relationship with. He’s adventurous, hilarious, kind, patient and extremely handsome. I developed a crush but didn’t know if Mark felt the same way. I was unaware at the time but apparently, he did. He told his best friend exactly the same thing that very night after meeting. After a couple more times of hanging out as a group, Mark and I started dating. We were crazy about each other right off the bat. We became inseparable and wanted to be with each other every minute…this might still be true. Four wonderful and fun years later Mark asked me to marry him. This was hands down the happiest and proudest moment in my life. I can’t believe how blessed we have been in meeting and I can’t wait to be married to my favourite person on the planet.

One thing that I always loved about our relationship is the complete honesty we have with one another. As most people know, a lot of people play a ton of silly games when dating or in a relationship. Mark and I were never into these games at all. We were always super upfront about the way we felt about each other. Everything felt so easy and natural when we were together. It has always felt like we have known each other for our entire lives. I think this aspect of our relationship is what attracted us to Alex (Wilhelmina Weddings). Alex had photographed my friend Kristen’s wedding and I was amazed by the beauty of his work. I loved how organic each photo felt. Alex is able to capture two people in their natural and loving state. This may look different from couple to couple but he is able to do this with such little effort. While being photographed, it is almost as if you forget that he is even there. He is truly talented and I can’t wait for him and his beautiful fiance to shoot our wedding!

Photography: Wilhelmina Weddings | Wedding Planning & Design: Birds & Honey Events