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Watercolor Garden Wedding Inspiration

There’s pretty much no better place for wedding love to bloom than a sprawling garden, which is why this stylized shoot at Pathway to Perennials has all of us here swooning. Of course, the impeccable taste and stylings of Phoebe Lo Events and Rhythm Photography help elevate the scene to the grandeur below. Like what you see? Then make sure to take a peek at the full gallery for more lush loveliness.


From Phoebe Lo EventsEscaping the bustling city of Toronto to the northern regions of the metropolis, one would venture through scenic landscapes that became the drawing forces of many prominent paintings that we now enjoy.

Brushed behind the rolling pastures and concealed by cast iron gates lies a secret little garden known as Pathways to Perennials. The luscious estate was carefully crafted by a pair of gardeners that dedicated the landscapes to their newborn child. Developed over the course of a decade, the gardeners envisioned that Pathways to Perennials would be the grounds to which their daughter and her loved one would lovingly cast the oath of marriage upon each other.

The meandering pathways signify the course of a lifetime’s journey, and one would find the hidden treasures among this delicate route, whether it be a bunch of French garden roses or a gazebo with welcoming breezes and a seat for two.

This styled wedding photo shoot plays with a classic European motif that is subtly captured through the accents of landscape painting and watercolours. The concept of romance is drawn upon the unity of these key elements and positioned upon the lush backdrop that embodies the perfect solution of vintage and elegance.

The colour palette of this photo shoot features the sweet hues of mint green that is juxtaposed by pale peach, and lightly tinted by plush gold details.

The bride dons a floor length Alfred Sung gown crafted with French lace and crystal beading. The sweetheart table setting showcases an arrangement of century old Queen Anne porcelain dinnerware paired with Cellini Romanesque golden cutlery. A garden terrarium plays the role of a confetti station, which is composed of found colour pencil studs contained in antique medicine bottles. Garden roses, peonies, berries and greens embrace the floral centrepiece. Perched against its floral counterpart is the hand painted watering can that deposits varying paintbrushes at the disposal of the couple for spontaneous renderings upon the canvas table linens.

The painter’s lounge allowed for a creatively exquisite couple’s retreat graced by hand dyed pillows, sweet aperitifs, and a vibrant palette of petite hors d’oeuvres. Billowing away under the uncanny cluster of wooden poles exists the sweets table blooming with decadent desserts intended to charm with luxurious nodes of floral and pastels.

Although the gardeners’ daughter has embarked on a new journey of her own, the pathways and perennials remain as a symbol of the love stories that once took place at these very gardens.

As our production team wisps away back to our individual cavities of the cityscape, we take away a special experience from this project venue. An experience that encapsulates an unparalleled level of love and partnership that we shall have the luxury to cherish for a long time coming.

Photography: Rhythm Photography / Event Planning And Design: Phoebe Lo Events / Event Venue: Pathways To Perennials / Vintage Rentals: Invitation To Tea / Hair And Makeup: Vicki Millar / Attire: Fairytale Wedding / Florals: Petals Markham / Desserts: Jacq Baked Goods / Videography: Givin Design / Stationery: Legacy Loft / Art Supplies: Woodbridge Art School /

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Lord of the Rings Inspired Engagement Shoot

I’m going to be totally honest: I have never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, nor have I seen the movies. But that hasn’t stopped me in the slightest from falling head over heels for this little gem of an e-session planned to perfection by WuLaLa Weddings & Events and captured beautifully by Sandy Tam Photography.  It’s an enchanted forest take on all things fantasy with some crazy gorgeous Lord of the Rings inspired details thrown in for good measure.  See it all here.


From WuLaLa Weddings & Events… When Mei-Yan and Chris first met with Sandy, they shared with her their love for Lord of the Rings. They even dreamt of a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, but dismissed the idea because it would have been over their budget. With this in mind, when it came time to planning their engagement photo shoot, we decided to fulfill their dreams.

As homework, Sandy and I got together and watched all three Lord of the Rings movies. We took elements from the movie that encompassed romance and fantasy to create our interpretation of an enchanted forest. We wanted the shoot to carry a fantasy feel, something like Lord of the Rings, but not too literal. From the movie, we also borrowed a quote that makes my heart flutter each time I read it: “I would rather share one Lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone.”

We knew Kortright Centre for Conservation would be a great location for our enchanted forest because of their lush greenery. We found the perfect spot with tall pine trees that stretched for more than a quarter mile. We could not have asked for a more prefect backdrop.

The shoot was designed to be fresh, romantic and earthy. The color palette for this shoot was based on the couple’s wedding colors: blush pink, gray and purple. Coquette Studios did a phenomenal job with the florals, creating a beautiful curtain of purple orchids and light purple alstroemeria that hung from the trees. A beautiful acrylic chandelier was brought in from J Company Designs, garnished with pink peonies, spray roses and spirea greensand asparagus fern, adding that touch of romance. To keep with the Lord of the Rings theme, without it being too literal with elves and hobbits, we added crystal potion bottles, old books and replica Lord of the Rings jewelry! I am in love with the Elven necklace that Arwen wore in the movie. Wearing a romantic flowing gown with long loosely curled locks decorated with a beautiful floral crown, Mei-Yan looked stunning next to her handsome beau, Chris, in a gray suit jacket and navy trousers.

From The Bride…When Chris and I started a relationship together, the thing that drew us closer was a similar love for anything fantasy and enchanted. One of our first dates was watching Lord of the Rings as a marathon (the extended edition, or course!). After getting lost in the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created, we realized we had something in common. We shared a desire to live life to the fullest by exploring the beautiful world we live in. The next 10 years we spent our time traveling, both locally and globally. We got to see so many breathtaking sceneries and fell in love with everything earth has to offer. Chris even proposed to me on the mountaintop of Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta. We were surrounded by blue skies and never-ending greenery. Our engagement was magical. We begun to dream about how we could incorporate that feeling of enchantment into every aspect of our lives… including our wedding.

Then we met photographer, Sandy Tam, who listened to our dreams and helped us make them a reality. She introduced us to a team of talented wedding specialists who all worked very hard to make some true magic happen. On the day of the engagement shoot, makeup artist, Fiona Man, began the preparations by applying shades upon shades of fairy-like shimmery eyeshadow. As I fastened the zipper on my gorgeous dress coordinated by wedding planner, Lisa Wu, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I never felt so beautiful before. I was led to the set of our engagement shoot and tears welled up in my eyes. This was the “enchanted elven forest” that we imagined all along – and more! White candles lit up the pathway in between trees, strings of pink and purple orchids seemed to hang down from the sky, and a suspended floral chandelier tied in all the elegance. Special added touches were Lord of the Rings props and replicated Lord of the Ring jewelry. We couldn’t believe that our vision had come to life. Now when we look at our stunning photos, we’re inspired to continue living life in a magical and beautiful way.

Photography: Sandy Tam Photography | Bride's Dress: Forever Love Wedding Design | Floral And Hair-piece: Coquette Studios | Make-up Artist: Fiona Man | Potion Bottles: Anthropologie | Venue: Kortright Centre For Conservation | Wedding Planner & Stylist: WuLaLa Weddings & Events

“Will You Be My Groomsman?” Party

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy cool (+ super gorgeous) “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” parties, but this is the very.first.time I’ve laid my eyes on the groomsmen equivalent.  And I love it.  It’s customized beer labels, yummy BBQ and a whole lot of fun times all organized and photographed by the talented bride-to-be (+ super fiancé), Natalie Chong Of Toast Event Design.  See every fab moment in the full gallery.


From Natalie Chong of Toast Event Design… I am an interior designer and an event designer here in Toronto and I can never really take these opportunities for granted. It is a blessing and curse – trust me!

I found these downloadable prints online and thought that it was a great idea to have a simple but very literal way of asking our guys to be in our wedding. And why not ask them by throwing them a BBQ and having the message literally written on the beer.

Well, that is what we did exactly. Something they can keep, something I can take pictures of and something that, well, looks pretty!

I individually de-labelled, printed and wrapped five labels for each of the groomsmen (one couldn’t be there that day), and as the fiancé began to talk about a very “special brew – a home brew” and it peeked their interest. They thought that he literally made the beer himself! We actually picked his favorite beer – Newcastle Brown Ale.

He asked, they said yes (they didn’t really have the option, I altered the original file) , we snapped some pics, had a great BBQ and now we wait until the wedding in 2016!

Photography: Natalie Chong Of Toast Event Design | Stationery: Wedding Paper Chicks | Event Design : Natalie Chong Of Toast Event Design | Venue: Private Residence