Let me just preface this by saying this couple has more coolness and style in their pinkie fingers than my husband and I combined but that’s neither here nor there. What really counts is that Leigha Graf so perfectly captured their coolness, their vintage sensibilities, their undeniable chemistry and I kind of feel like this is exactly what they would be doing if the camera weren’t there. Just hanging out in a field, grabbing some eats at the local diner and just being their big, bad vintage selves. See it all here.

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From Leigha GrafShannon + Claude have a great 50’s style we were looking to capture in their engagement session.  Between the Diner, the Scrapyard and the beautiful field at sunset we did just that.

Photography: Leigha Graf / DINER – Claude’s Pants: Levis Jeans / Shoes: Wolverine / Top: Vintage / Necklace: Billy Blue /       Hat: Vintage Biltmore Hat / Shannon’s Dress: Fever London / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Vintage Pearls / Belt: Lida Baday / Watch: Michael Kors / SCRAP METAL YARD –  Claude’s Pants: Diesel Jeans / Top + Shoes: Vintage / Top: Vintage / Sunglasses: Super / Shannon’s Dress + Shoes: Forever 21 / PICNIC – Claude’s Pants: Jeanshop / Shoes: Vans / Top: H&M / Shannon’s Top + Bottoms: Vintage / Headband: Forever 21 / Necklace: Beyond Retro