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Real Wedding: Jessie and Matt, VI

As the day turned to night on today’s featured wedding, the twinkle lights glowed and the romance of the evening really began to shine. I have loved every little bit of today’s affair and these next set of pictures just take the cake…

gia canali real wedding

All photographs were shot by the FABULOUS Gia Canali.

Real Wedding: Jessie and Matt, V

Now on to the absolutely gorgeous reception that Jessie and Matt threw for their guests at a restaurant in Point Loma, California called Old Venice Restaurant and Cafe. Love, love, love the simple elegance of the decor…from the sweet flower arrangements that the bride designed and crafted to the lovely white linens. Every bit is just beautiful.

gia canali real wedding

So much more to come from this gorgeous affair, shot by the wonderful Gia Canali! Oh and if you haven’t already, you have to check out Gia’s blog. She is an unbelievably talented photographer devoted to helping brides and grooms design a beautiful wedding with grace, style and believe it or not…a budget! She has great DIY tips, planning advice and so much more!

Real Wedding: Matt and Jessie, IV

If you are just now joining us, we are featuring the prettiest wedding that Gia Canali, photographer extraordinaire, recently sent us. Here are a few more bits of eye candy and inspiration (this is my favorite part of today’s feature by the way)….

gia canali real wedding

From Gia Canali

The bride and groom had participated in a group wedding ceremony (27 couples!!) at a Catholic Cathedral in Santa Fe in the spring.  So this party was essentially a reception.  They exchanged rings, had a champagne toast … then a processional through the neighborhood to the Old Venice Restaurant.  We loved the handmade chocolates made by a local chocolatier from a hundred year old recipe (which alas were less photogenic than they were delicious).  There was a local band that played music during dinner and for a little dancing. We also particularly loved the floral emphasis throughout the design of the wedding.

The bride’s parents home was chock full of art by all the various artists in the family, including the hand-painted furniture by Jessie that’s in the background of some of the detail shots.  Everybody carried and waved streamers on the processional.

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Check out Jessie, the brides, event planning company when you have a minute…you’ll understand just how talented she is! More in a bit!