Not only is this couple completely adorable and toting some serious chemistry but they seem like one of the most fun couples on the planet. The kind of people that you hope to be sat next to at a dinner party, the kind of couple that is full of energy and laughter and the couple that has that everlasting kind of love. Speaking of which, the gentleman half of this duo, is also the co-creator of Project Everlasting, a documentary about a 12,000 mile journey to find out what makes love last. After one glance at these images beautifully captured by D. Park Photography, I’m pretty sure he found his answer. See more of this fun pair in the gallery.

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From D. Park PhotographyA couple that epitomizes romance and everlasting love for this generation, a one in a million love story. We feel incredibly blessed to photograph the love story of Mat and Irene, a couple we were so inspired by and whose story we had been following through Mat’s Project Everlasting series.

If you haven’t read Project Everlasting or watched the documentary, it’s a must see for everyone who wants to see how love is done and lasts for a lifetime. After his parents’ divorce and the unraveling of marriages in his family around him, Mat Boggs and his best friend, Jason Miller, were two bachelors who took a 12,000 mile journey to find out what makes love last.  Since embarking on that journey in his early 20s, he’s been on numerous media such Oprah and Friends XM, The Today Show, CNN Headline News, Fox News, ABC Family, and spoken all over the world, including an international peace symposium with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

We had the pleasure to hear Mat speak at The Wedding Pantry for his Cracking the Man Code seminar where David (husband/co-wedding photographer) was chosen to be a part of the Man Panel a year ago.  From then, we had to follow more of his work as it was such powerful and inspirational material (especially having come from a home of divorce myself). We got to sit down before Mat was engaged to hear his tips for brides on “what to discuss before marriage”, when we learned this bachelor was soon going to propose!

We couldn’t wait to meet what undoubtedly had to be an amazing lady. When we finally met Irene and saw the two of them together, we were ecstatic for them!  They have beautiful hearts to go with those good-lookin’ faces!  They are a hot couple!  But not just for their style but for their passion to love, communication, respect and commitment. When we did their engagement session, we had to do it Project Everlasting style and, in honor of Mat’s book, we designed an engagement album that included the story and lessons learned behind what is doubtless to be one of America’s next greatest marriages.

Photography: D. Park Photography / Venues: First Christian Church, Tuna Town Sushi Bar and Teppan Grill + Huntington Beach Pier / Hair + Make-up: The Bride / Outfits + Accessories: Forever 21