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Lidy Dipert


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DIY Mid Century Modern Sculpture

If you are a fan of Mid Century Modern, then this DIY is for you! You can make your very own classic midcentury piece for your home. No thrifting or antiqueing required! I love how this piece turned out and the vibe this adorable hand-made gem adds to the space! Happy DIYing! XO Lidy   1/8" Brass Stock Thin hardwood stock (any of your choosing) Burl or any other base (could be flat) Drill...


DIY Marbled Glasses

These textured marble glasses are sure to be a hit for your next party or backyard BBQ! Not to mention, these hand made, one-of-a kind beauties have that perfect pop of color for summer! You just can't go wrong with this DIY - every design will look perfectly unique, the way it's suppose to! Glassware Water Resistant Modeling Paste Acrylic Paint Paint Brush Dish Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Gather...


DIY Fibre Wall Hanging

I've been obsessing over the latest weaving trends popping up all over the internet! They come in all kinds of shapes, colors and textures - you really can't go wrong. But for many of us, they can be hard to come by and a bit out of our price range when they do. I decided to make a super simple fibre wall hanging using basic materials, and so can you! For more DIY inspiration, head over to...