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Andrea Reynolds


Hi! I'm the Creative Director for Gwyneth Paige Couture Letterpress. We are a sustainably printed letterpress wedding invitation company dedicated to being the perfect beginning to a couple's happily ever after. We pride ourselves in treating each client with the same amount of love and devotion we gave out own weddings. We are a team of three ladies with strong background in different aspects of the wedding industry.

Me? I am a mother to a beautiful son. A wife to an amazing husband. A design savvy, life lover who finds herself obsessed with coffee, Apple products, typography and soft tree-free cotton paper. Oh and every once and a while you'll see one of my posts on Style Me Pretty. I have a pretty awesome job.

Recent Posts By Andrea

Summer Soiree in Northern Michigan, II

Are you excited to see more of this down to earth summer soiree?  I think the reason I love this wedding so much is this is completely the kind of wedding I can see my best friends having.  A warm wedding under the summer sun that is just a whole lot of fun.  I can hear the joyful chatter when I look at these pictures.  I can just feel the love that Dusty and Macare have for each other when the gaze into each others eyes.  Most of all, this wedding inspires me to squeeze my husband just...


Summer Soiree in Northern Michigan

I love this wedding.  I figured I would just get that out there.  Now that I've said that; how are you?  Is wedding planning everything you dreamed it would be?  A bit more stressful?  Do you find it a little easier to plan when you have wedding eye candy that includes barn dances, parasols, vintage vases and the most amazing wavy haired bride in an all lace dress?  Oh good!  I have just the thing.  Macare and Dustin's summer soiree at one of the prettiest ranches in Northern Michigan.


Michigan Wedding at the Beach, II

Isn't it wonderful to show a warm, breezy beach wedding in the middle of January?  Oh how I long for anything but the slushy, gray, snowy roads that grace my morning drives.  There is something  just so delightful about this wedding.  Each intimate detail, each warm color, that amazing cake! My biased favorite would have to be the letterpress printed four page program that doubled as a fan for warm guests.  Yet I think my favorite part is how the wedding is such a genuine reflection of...


Michigan Wedding at the Beach

Meet Andrea. She is the voice behind Gwyneth Paige and is the newest SMP writer. And she is so freaking cute. I want to blab on and on about her but since she has SUCH a pretty wedding to share with you today, I'll let her take the reigns.

* * *

It took me a while to get my first sentence out as all I could type was "Oh my gosh I am blogging for Style Me Pretty--right now! Ahhhhhh!" Seriously, I typed that exact sentence about three times before moving on to writing about...