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Leah Bergman


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Gin & Roses Cocktail

In my opinion there really aren’t enough cocktails in the world that call for Lillet Rosé. Today I’m remedying that with a pretty pink drink I like to call a Gin & Roses. Homemade rose simple syrup, Lillet Rosé and a hearty splash of gin, garnished with a twist of lemon and served in a champagne coupe. The flavor is floral, sweet and entirely unexpected! I highly recommend shaking up a round of Gin...


Gin Fizz Cocktail from Freutcake

On my recent trip to San Francisco I experience my very first egg white cocktail. Quite honestly the sound of raw egg white in a drink sounded questionable to me but after taking a sip, I was hooked. Egg white has long been the secret ingredient in classic cocktails and gives them body and that signature fizz we all love. So let’s get started with the most classic of all egg white cocktails, the Gin Fizz. Good...


Champagne Sangria from Freutcake

I love sangria for so many reasons. It’s gorgeous to look at, refreshing to drink, and works double time as a light snack and a cocktail in one! I mean, what’s tastier than bits of fresh pear, strawberry, and nectarine all doused in champagne with a splash of pear vodka? Because this festive drink is so light and refreshing, it’s the perfect summertime sipper to serve at parties. Cheers! Tip: Simple syrup can be made by combining equal parts sugar and water in a sauce pan...