Meet The Team

The very foundation of Style Me Pretty is a team. A team of crazy talented, intensely creative, funny, kind, gracious people who believe in real beauty. From our admins to our editors, our developers to our sales team, every person within the Style Me Pretty family is entirely committed to designing a space to which our readers can be inspired, to which they can find ideas and to which they can push themselves to make their world even more lovely. Our team has grown and evolved over the years though it's through the total commitment that each person has given our brand, that we are able to continue to sparkle and shine.

Abby Larson

Abby Capalbo

Eddye McLucas

Abigail Silverman

Christina Lee

Dawn Strong

Elizabeth Greene

Emily Silverman

Erin Lepperd

Gabrielle Hurwitz


Megan Kenney

Melissa Bilodeau

Michelle Hoover

Stephanie Weers

Thia Laurain

SMP Alums

The faces of Style Me Pretty past have been critical to the growth and development of our site. We pay homage to them every day and thank our lucky stars that they were a part of the early days where Style Me Pretty was finding its footing, developing its name and learning how to shine. We wouldn't be where we are today without their hard work and know-how.

Aimee Rochon

Elaine Uehlein

Emilia Jane McCool

Holly Guertin

Jess Blazejewski

Lauren Thaler

Libby Higgins

Linnea Maga

Mallory Recor

Noelle Hale

Rosie Haney