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6 Vibrant Wedding Bouquets That Will Wow You

With all the abundance of natural beauty in Australia, there’s no surprise that stunning wedding flowers are widely available and showcased at weddings nationwide. Whether filled with local florals or exotic blooms that were flown in for the occasion, these six bouquets are some of our faves from weddings across Australia, so take a peek!

Vibrant Australian Bouquets
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Vibrant Australian Bouquets
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Quick Tip: The Faux Glow, Perfected


Even if you consider yourself to be a self-tanning aficionado, doing a trial run at least a week in advance of your Big Day is an absolute must. Before the main event, make sure your entire body has been thoroughly exfoliated, and that any necessary hair removal has taken place at least 12 hours prior, before applying self-tanner, and you’re practically guaranteed a gorgeous, even glow!

Photography: Jerome Cole Photography

Rustic Melbourne Wedding at Wattle Park Chalet

I’m pretty sure I could live and die in the flowers behind this gorgeous wedding. They are perfect. Utterly perfect. And the adorable story, the stunning backdrop, the great music choices and the totally smitten couple just make it all the sweeter. With images from Oy Photography, this is one of those wedding that will have you smiling from beginning to end. Full gallery here!

From the Bride…
How We Met: Aaron’s sister works with a mutual friend of mine, and they decided to play matchmaking! It all came about as I was complaining to this friend I couldn’t find anyone who suited to me, which later came up in conversation with Aaron’s sister, when they had a light bulb moment to set us up. A blind date was arranged and the rest is history!

The Proposal: We had planned a weekend in the Dandenong Ranges to celebrate our one-year anniversary. We had promised no gifts, but I couldn’t help myself! As we strolled through the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, I presented Aaron with a journal titled “Our Year” – filled with our top songs for the year, each song containing an entry that I wrote as to why each song meant something to us, along with the playlist that I had organized on his phone for us to listen to that weekend. After reading through the journal, we were about to head back for a coffee when Aaron quite casually said, “I was going to ask you later…but…” there was a pause for about 10 seconds, he got quite nervous and serious and I just froze, everything seemed so still and crazy at the same time. I had a massive lump in my throat. He just remained silent. ‘Well what, what is it you wanted to ask?!’ I managed to get out. The silence was killing me. ‘Well I was going to ask if you’d marry me’. I burst into tears and eventually I managed to nod a few times, before continuing the water works. It was the happiest moment of my life. Aaron told me he actually planned to propose that evening, he had nice wine and food organized at our cottage, but he just thought this was a good moment. Very Aaron. Very calm and collected and casual. The rest of the day was an absolute blur. I don’t think I came back down to earth until a few weeks later!

Our Inspiration: Our theme was rustic/earthy/provincial. The rustic, earthy element reflects our love of nature and the desire for our wedding to be a laid back, yet celebratory affair. We spend a lot of time bush walking, and I am also a keen gardener, so that earthy feel very much represents who we are. The provincial element comes through as a reflection of our wedding venue, Wattle Park Chalet, the oldest operating wedding venue in Melbourne. The chalet is a beautiful, grand hall and we wanted to let it speak for itself, and honor the surrounding garden and parkland. Our ceremony was held in the chalet’s garden, filled with roses, overlooking a backdrop of gumtrees, the combination of elegance and rustic bushland was the perfect setting for us to marry.

Our Flowers: I feel our wedding theme was ultimately captured through the stunning work of our florist, Mary, founder of Flower Bird. The flowers spoke of our love of native bush, reflected the surrounds of Wattle Park and managed to work in cohesion with the color palette of the bridal party. The bouquets were a mix of native and European flowers, each with a mighty king protea, my favorite flower. Mary went to great lengths to source these king proteas, they were scarce due to the time of the year. Proteas were plotted around the chalet, and it was just such a lovely surprise. She completely surpassed my expectations. She even incorporated succulents tastefully throughout the floral decoration to tie in with our bonbonnieres, which were individual succulents in biodegradable pots for each guest to take home and plant. The floral design pulled every idea and element of our wedding together. The flowers were the medium of all that we could ever wish our wedding to be.

Our Cake: Our cake was a three tier flourless chocolate cake, a crowd favorite. Mary, did a wonderful job decorating the cake with a mix of succulents, roses and natives, tying in with the bouquets and other floral decorations at the venue. The cake was placed on a huge elm log board, sourced by my horticulturalist friend, which in the future we will use as the ultimate cheese board!

Our Music: Both being music lovers, we wanted to make all music very personal. Aaron’s talented cousin played acoustic guitar throughout the ceremony, which sounded beautiful. Aaron and I then created playlists for each stage of the occasion, from the prelude, canapés, background music during meals and dancing. For the prelude and canapés we chose music from a range of our favorite artists including Paul Kelly, The Beatles, The Waifs, Cat Power and Ben Harper. We wanted a mix of our favorite songs. Dinner music mainly consisted of classic soul songs from Otis Redding, Al Green, Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield. The partying mix was a compilation of new and old hits, the classic songs that get everyone up and dancing! Our first dance was to ‘Take Me Out of This World’, by Jordie Lane, one of my favorite musicians. Our bridal entry was to the Game of Thrones theme song! It’s our favorite show and Aaron insisted we do it, so I just went along with it! The music made the whole event, we wanted a relaxed affair and for everyone to kick up their heels and have a good time. We wanted the way we felt on our wedding day be an extension to the guests, ecstatic, incredibly grateful and ultimately filled with love.

Our Ceremony: A memorable moment of the day for me occurred during the ceremony, hearing the celebrant speak of our story. She did a wonderful job of compiling information from both of us, and listening to how our wedding day came to be was like fast-forwarding the past nearly two years since we had met, and have it sped up to this moment in time. It was surreal and amazing to have all these memories wash over me of significant times we had spent, and then be standing in a wedding dress, with all our family and friends, about to marry. It was a surreal moment, I had to stop and think, wow, this is really happening!

Photography: Oy Photography | Floral Design: Flower Bird | Wedding Dress: Zimmermann | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Zimmermann | Hair & Makeup: Runway Hair & Beauty Studio | Venue: Wattle Park Chalet | Photography - Assistance: Wilari Tedjosiswoyo

Modern DIY Wedding in Melbourne

After 10 years together, this darling duo gathered their worlds for one classically elegant celebration. From the confetti covered picnic to the  Graceful Flowers centerpieces honoring of the Bride’s late grandmother, every detail Daniella Melfi delivered in this gallery is filled with love and laughter, and you can see it all here and more from Luxe Film House below!


From the beautiful Bride… Living in Sydney and getting married in Melbourne was a breeze as we had a clear idea of what we wanted (being together for 10 years gave us a lot of thinking time) and promised we would never loose sight of what the big day was all about.

Encore was the first venue we set our eyes on. We only visited 2 other venues on that day but knew nothing was going to compare to the class and sophistication that Encore oozed. We immediately fell in love with it and knew it was the perfect place to bring our Melbourne and Sydney worlds together. We looked no further and locked in 16th Nov 2014.. I moved very quickly after the date was set and got in contact with Daniella Melfi, a girl I used to go to high school with. I had been watching her establish herself into an amazing photographer over the years and knew she would be a huge asset to our wedding day and us. I knew very well I was looking too eager contacting her and paying a deposit in August 2013 for a wedding in November 2014 but I couldn’t bare the thought of not having her. She assured me I was doing the right thing and advised me to secure as much as I could then to avoid the disappointment later!! That advise was by far the best I received. By confirming suppliers early on I was able tick all of the boxes leading up to the wedding which left me with a lot of time to focus on little things closer to the date.

After locking in Daniella, I called my sister’s best friend Nikki Feeney. A person and career I had also kept a close eye on. Nikki runs her own videography company and I was adamant on supporting her and her work. I have known her for many years and was confident she would capture the day for us and would provide footage that we will someday show our children and grandchildren. When we got the highlight video back I was blown away, she exceeded our expectations and in the end gave us a gift we will cherish forever. Both Daniella and Nikki worked wonderfully together from the get go and most of the time we didn’t know they were around. They were professional and discrete but most of all invested and we had the security of knowing they had our best interests at heart.

Mason Jars were a must on my list as they are both elegant and classic. I found A Vintage Affair on a wedding website who have an abundance of stock to hire out for all occasions. Kathryn, the owner was outstanding and showered me with her wealth of knowledge and confidence in styling. She was a pleasure to deal with and a true beauty in the wedding industry.

Family and friends are those who Brad and I hold most dear. Those who have taught us and helped shape who we are today… I will forever consider myself lucky for the women in my life who are so talented and were able to contribute to our wedding day with their bare hands.

My sister who is an artist did our website, stationery & bonbonierre. I have always been obsessed with fortune cookies and was so excited when I found a company who allow personalized messages in their fortune cookies. We bought little brown paper bags for the cookies to sit in. My sister created a design for the bags with each guests name printed on them. They doubled up as a Place Card and Bonbonierre. It reduced clutter on the table as we had shared entrée and was a great way to thank our guests.

My mum, a bridal florist, along with her colleagues who we call our ‘flower angels’ worked tirelessly the night before the wedding to construct our bouquets, centerpieces, flowers for the church and my biggest request: the overhead arrangement that sat perfectly and proudly above our circular bridal table.

My auntie is a hairdresser and without hesitation agreed to do everyone’s hair.My cousin made our delicious cake, which was served as a roaming canapé for desert.My grandmother’s best friend made my dress. She has been a dressmaker for as long as she can remember and created a dress I will never forget.

Another special woman in my life was my Nana who sadly is no longer with us. I wanted to pay tribute to her so I called on my Uncle to help. I asked him to trek the farm she was raised on for a tree that had fallen. He found a few then cut the trunks into discs that would become the base of our centerpieces.

I quickly learnt that weddings give you so many opportunities to showcase who you are as a couple and where you have come from. I put a lot of thought into the day and, to think that I was pouring sentimental value into as much as I possibly could, confirmed we were destined to have the best day of our lives.

Highlights of the day that stand out and I know I will always reflect on are when we exchanged our vows. I don’t think I have ever been more open or believed in a promise as much in my life. It was an honest moment shared with our loved ones and a feeling that is indescribable. Another would be the look on all of our guests’ faces when we surprised them with a flash mob performance. The delight, shock and excitement was priceless. Seeing my grandparents in the photo booth with silly faces and wigs on was also a delight to see!

Last but certainly not least would be when we threw confetti at the picnic we had arranged at a nearby park after the ceremony. In my mind it was going to be fabulous part of the day being surrounded by friends, having a drink and a second to relax before the more serious events took place. What I got was so much more. That moment we counted down together then released the confetti was powerful and created true happiness.

Photography: Daniella Melfi | Videography: Luxe Film House | Floral Design: Graceful Flowers | Wedding Dress: Made By Family Friend | Cake: Caked On Cakes | Ceremony Venue: St Peter And Paul | Reception Venue: Encore St Kilda Beach | Shoes: Tony Bianco | Jewelry: Mimco | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Thurley | Make Up: Zara Jones | Groom's Attire: George And King | Groomsmen's Attire: Oxford Ties | Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Cars: Silver Service Limousines | Mason Jars: A Vintage Affair Events & Rentals | Photo Booth: Smile O Matic

Romantic Berry Infused Wedding Inspiration

The perfect blend of seasonal hues, this berry infused inspiration is one for the books. Not only does it include one stunning floral crown, but it also features long rustic tables silhouetted by romantic hedges. One look at the gallery Qlix Photography by Jay Cao captured, and you too will be swept off your feet. See it all, right here!


From Miss Mooi… The inspiration behind this shoot came from the many stunning vivid pink and berry colored flowers of the season.  We wanted to showcase the full tonal color value of Australia’s wonderful summer berries almost mimicking an abundance of luxurious berries on a platter, tantalizing your senses. This was easily achieved with the talented Grace from Floretta who provided the stunning florals, which really set the tone for the entire shoot.  Echoing the colors of seasonal summer berries, Grace created whimsical and decadent florals with a classic undertone, created onsite early that morning and inspired by the magnificent estate they were created in. The abundant arrangements overflowed with luscious blooms which included delicate apricot David Austin roses, scented berry colored garden and cluster roses, heavenly berry colored Dahlias topped off by super pretty Gloriosa lily’s. Having such a talented artist on the team, gave me every confidence to base my design decisions around the beautiful floral design that Grace would bring to the shoot.

When selecting the venue, the summer berry concept was taken quite literally and we wanted a country property where berries would definitely feature in the house garden. A property where the glimpse of berries and the gorgeous array of color they offer are an easy organic simpatico, just meant to be. Coombe – The Melba Estate was the perfect venue with seven acres of exquisite gardens established in the early 1800’s, with cypress walled beauty surrounding an Italian garden, an established vegetable garden and orchard, a perennial garden of explosive colour and the most enchanting and majestic 170 year old English Oak, all adding a certain elegance and whimsy to the shoot.

We were spoilt for choice and decided on four equally beautiful areas of the garden to feature our gorgeous country wedding table, a whimsical floral adorned swing, a beautifully soft and romantic boudoir session for our bride and of course, the ceremony. The ceremony was set up in a beautiful walled garden directly behind the cellar door and is perfectly located for your introduction to Coombe. Our boudoir session took place in the top garden which had the most alluring sun light filtering through the sprinkling of trees. Close by, we utilized the sprawling branches of the gorgeous old tree to hang our hand-made swing for some stunning shots in the shade of the tree; a beautiful ceremony location for the outdoor bride. It was so easy to dream of a balmy summer’s evening spent dining on one long communal table with simple rustic Italian share platters set up between the row of tall conifers leading up to the pool and precisely where we sat up. All so wonderfully country and it was such a pleasure to work in such a stunning location.

Our boudoir session took place in the top garden by the old homestead under the majestic old oak tree. We felt this would be such a wonderful present for your future husband. Deliberately, we sourced delicate, soft and romantic pieces that felt at one with the soft light and beautiful trees in the immediate area where we were shooting. The hooded robe from Sapphire Bliss looked amazing over a soft off white French underwear set. We later added a floral crown to this combination to add another element of whimsical floral splendor.

Bonita Couture, a local designer in Brunswick, designs and crafts beautiful couture gowns and allowed us to dress our beautiful bride in their stunning Emma gown. A gown as equally beautiful as our Emma, the bride, was a true vision of elegance and whimsy with the soft skin tone blush colouring, the gorgeous intricately beaded French lace corset and a lovely full skirt of layers of soft Italian blush and ivory tulle. We paired the gown with a simple matching finger-tip veil, such a dreamy combination. The way the sun bounced off and the dress and veil at different angles was truly beautiful and so lovely to work with.

May of May VL Hair & Makeup created a truly stunning look for model Emma. Makeup was kept fairly natural with a luminous and glamorous feel with gorgeous smokey eyes and soft lips. Two looks were decided for Emma’s hair; gorgeous soft cascading curls for the boudoir shoot and then an equally beautiful half up braid that added an element of fun and whimsy to the shoot.

Collaborating with Dress my Wedding and Complete Function Hire meant we were able introduce the elegant provincial pieces that transformed the shoot from just some pretty florals into effortlessly country chic complimenting the venue perfectly. Natasha from Dress My Weddings has a wonderful range of provincial furniture including the cross back chairs that were added to the wonderfully big 10 seater country table supplied by Complete Function Hire. The combination of the two with our stunning floral table garland set up between the row of conifers was truly sensational and a match made in heaven.

Gorgeous gold and brass highlights were chosen to compliment the beautiful vivid pink and berry tones. With a small boutique (and growing quickly!) furniture and prop hire range, I was able to add some really pretty vintage brass candle holders to the table to match all the gorgeousness that Gold Hire added in their stunning gold cutlery. These gold tones gave the table an air of stately elegance, mimicking the property around us. Beautiful rustic hand lettered menus and table number we supplied by Sharon Chen of Miss Envylope. Sharon mixes her own ink and sourced beautiful soft white textured paper for her elegant penmanship featured in the entire shoot.

For the ceremony, Dress my Wedding also supplied rustic bench seats that complimented our gorgeous organic floral arch in rustic urns superbly. Keeping within the abundant floral theme, the floral arch was central to the design of this simple but stunning ceremony set up.

The sensational cake designed and supplied by Kathleen, the owner of Treats by Evie, was designed to be simple but elegant yet still reflecting the gorgeousness of the location we were shooting in. Importantly, we felt the cake needed a rustic element and Kathleen did this by introducing raw organic chocolate ganache that not only looked stunning, it also smelt divine. With two tiers of this chocolate goodness, and a bottom tier of ruffled and textured icing, Grace added her floral flair to complete the elegant and whimsical creation.

To bring all our vision together is the talented Jay Cao from Qlix Photography whom coordinate the use of natural light throughout the entire shoot. His style of soft, natural and light-filled images complimented tremendously with the color palette of this photo shoot.

Photography: Qlix Photography By Jay Cao | Floral Design: Floretta | Wedding Dress: Bonita Couture | Wedding Cake: Treats For Evie | Stationery: Miss Envylope | Wedding Venue: Coombe Melba Estate | Bridal Lingerie: IM Lingerie | Bride: Emma Nicholson | Ceremony Benches & Crossback Chairs: Dress My Wedding | Gold Cutlery: Gold Wedding Hire | Groom: Eric Boesten | Hoodie Lingerie: Sapphire Bliss | Make Up Artistry And Hair: May VL Makeup | Stylist & Wedding Planner: Miss Mooi | Table: Complete Function Hire

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