It seems that when you put Brides-to-be, their future-beaus and vintage bikes together – you ultimately get serious cuteness. Make you giggle cuteness. Catch yourself with a goofy grin cuteness. I’m not sure what it is about the combination, but this engagement session by Life In Still Photography is a classic case study in just that kind of cuteness. So do yourself a favor and get in on all the fun in the full gallery of images!

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From Bree of Life In Still PhotographyI met with Monika and Ty a couple of months ago after they inquired about me photographing their wedding in December this year. I think within five minutes of meeting them, I was sold and desperately wanted to photograph their wedding. I was also hoping they felt the same way. I watched them look at each other and hold hands. Photography was important to both of them, and I watched the excitement in their faces as they told me their story.

They’ve been together for over 2 1/2 years, and Ty knew fairly quickly that he wanted to marry Monika, so after seven months, he proposed to her. I am positive their would have been lots of cuddles, kisses and I’m almost certain Ty would have picked Monika up and spun her around! Ty loves to fix up bikes — old rusty ones too — and he recently finished a bike that he gave to Monika as a present. I told them to bring it with them for a few shots… So on Easter Sunday, we headed into the city for some engagement photographs. I was madly watching the weather for the days leading up and the forecast ended up being just perfect! The sun was shining, the ground was dry, and although it was a little cool, we had such a fabulous time!

Photography: Life In Still Photography / Location: Adelaide, South Australia / Bouquet: Sally of Poppies Flowers / Makeup: Katie Dawson of Perle Jewellery & Makeup