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This Clifftop Ceremony Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s not every day you see a wedding set on the edge of the world. Or an Ibiza clifftop, to be exact. But thanks to Ana Lui we’ve got just that, will an entire gallery of images that’ll give you Mediterranean wanderlust in a serious way. Scroll on for lots, lots more.


From The Bride…

Why did you choose to get married in the Mediterranean?

We fell in love with Ibiza from the first moment we visited the island. It has everything you need for a perfect holiday – from sun, sand, incredibly blue waters, fun nights out, delicious cuisine and relaxation. You can have a great night out in the south of the island or you can hide yourself away in the corners of the island for some peace and tranquility. There is a special energy on Ibiza, and you feel it as soon as you step outside. We wanted to get married on Ibiza so we could share the love of the island with our friends and family, so they too could experience the beauty for themselves.

How did you find the venue and your wedding coordinator?

After a few trips and searching for all different locations, we decided we hadn’t quite found the perfect place for the wedding. We really wanted to have the activities at a private villa, so everything could be in once place. After much searching (and Googling) we came across Cardamom Events – who were able to find a location, provide the catering and help us plan the wedding so it was a perfect fit.

What advice would you give brides to be regarding organizing a destination wedding?

Be patient. Be clear on what your vision is before you communicate to anyone supporting you because ANYTHING is possible, it’s just how to bring to life your vision within your budget, so be prepared to make compromises. And plan your budget based on 80% of you actual budget, because you WILL go over.

Most importantly, the day goes by so fast make sure to take some time away with your newlywed to enjoy the moment and take some pictures. Make sure to eat, and try not to think about the schedule. If possible, don’t get too involved in the timing and scheduling of everything on the day because if it doesn’t go according to the exact timing (which it never does), it’s best that you don’t pick up on that and can enjoy each moment.

From Ana Lui Photography… Alexandra and Bono were my dream couple! Super laid back, fun, happy and full of life! We had so much fun on the day and throughout the night – they partied like crazy and kissed like crazy. It was a wedding full of positive energy, happiness and music! Set around perfect location in Ibiza, private villa close to quiet sleepy town of San Juan, with clifftop ceremony and gorgeous sun setting over the hills of Ibiza.

I think film photography totally captured the beauty of the palace. Getting all the blues, greens and warm colours of the island out in every photograph. I am super happy with the peach skin tones and softness of all the images.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Cinematography: At Your Side Planning | Coordination: Cardamom Events | Floral Design: El Ramo De Flores | Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham | Stationery: Idlewild Co. | Bride's Shoes: Prada | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Joanna August | Hair + Makeup: Smack Ibiza | Groom's Attire: Custom made by Thomas Baldwin | Venue: Casa La Vista Ibiza | Catering + Cake: Cardamom Events | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Grooming: Tailored & Groomed Ibiza | Lighting + Sound: Ibiza Pro Dj

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The Ultimate Invitation Guide: How to Word and Address Your Invitations

Choosing a wedding invitation suite is no easy task. There are hundreds of beautiful options to choose from, especially from Wedding Paper Divas. But the hard part comes after you say yes to the stationery suite. Deciding on the wording and then figuring out the etiquette for addressing all the envelopes can be a headache, but thankfully, Wedding Paper Divas is here to break it down for you.

How to Word Your Invitations

There are countless possibilities when it comes to the wording of your invitations, however the traditional and formal phrasing is a good jumping off point no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning. Here’s the traditional wording (using Pippa Middleton as our example):

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Middleton
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Philippa Charlotte Middleton
James Spencer Matthews
Saturday, the twentieth of May
two thousand and seventeen
four o’clock in the afternoon
Westminster Abbey
20 Deans Yard
London, England
Reception to follow

The format may change slightly if the wedding is hosted by multiple sets of parents, the groom’s parents or yourselves. But don’t worry, it’s simply a matter of swapping out the names at the beginning of the invitation.

If you and your fiancé are more casual, it’s completely OK to go more casual — the experts at Wedding Paper Divas recommend changing the spelled-out numbers to numerals, removing the hosts’ name entirely, changing the phrasing to “Together with their families…” or if you want to be really straightforward “Philippa Charlotte Middleton and James Spencer Matthews Are Getting Married!”

What Should and Should Not Be Included

Although you have flexibility with the wording, there are three things that should always be included in your invitation: the who, the when and the where. The who should include the full names of the bride and groom, and if a formal invite, the name of the hosts, too. The when should clearly list the time, date, month and year of the event. Lastly, the where should include where the event is taking place, with a full address (though the zip code isn’t necessary).

As a general rule of thumb, the main invitation should only include the necessary details of your wedding. However, the rest of your invitation suite should include information on attire, accommodation details, activities and a map with clear directions to any venues.

The Tricky Part: How to Address Them

Addressing your invites can definitely be tricky. Besides keeping track of titles, addresses and spelling, you also have to figure out the proper wording for all your invitations. Thanks to Wedding Paper Divas, we have the proper etiquette for addressing the outer and inner envelopes of your invites. If you’re still lost, Wedding Paper Divas has a life-changing interactive tool to help you address invitations for everyone attending the wedding.

To a Married Couple

This is the most traditional form of addressing an invitation. Should you choose to include both persons’ names, the outer envelope can be addressed as Mr. and Mrs. HIS_FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. An alternate version includes both names as Mr. FIRSTNAME and Mrs. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Example: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy or Mr. Fitzwilliam and Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy.

To a Married Couple that Uses Different Last Names

It’s best to list the person to whom you’re closest to first on the outer and inner envelopes. If you know each one as well as the other, you may write them in alphabetical order. Example: Mr. John James Preston and Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw or Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. John James Preston.

To an Unmarried Couple Living Together

Similar to the address for a married couple, both names should be included on the envelopes. Example: Mr. Ross Geller and Ms. Rachel Green.

To a Married Couple with a Hyphenated Last Name

Similar to the address for a married couple, both names should be included on the envelopes with Mr. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and Mrs. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME-LASTNAME . Example: Mr. Gerry Kennedy and Mrs. Holly Reilly-Kennedy.

To Those with Distinguished Titles

If only one in the couple has a distinguished title, it is proper to write his or her name and title first. If the wife has the professional title, you will address her name depending on whether or not she uses her maiden name professionally. Example: Dr. Theodora Altman and Mr. Henry Burton or Dr. Theodora and Mr. Henry Burton.

If both parties are doctors with different last names, both their names can be written on the inner and outer envelopes. Example: Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey.

If both parties are doctors with the same last name, you may address the envelopes as The TITLES LASTNAME. Example: The Doctors Avery.

Many of the same rules that you use for doctors also apply for military personnel, judges, reverends, etc. If both parties have distinguished titles, it is best to write the person with the highest rank first. Also, make note to add “The Honorable” to a title in the case of elected government positions, excluding the President. Example: The Honorable Governor of Illinois Peter Florrick and the Honorable State Attorney Alicia Florrick or Colonel Jane Burton, U.S. Army and Dr. Roland Burton.

To a Divorced Female

The best practice is to address her as either Mrs. or Ms. and use her maiden name if she doesn’t use her former husband’s surname. Example: Mrs. Liz Gilbert or Ms. Liz Gilbert.

To a Widow

Traditionally, you would use the deceased husband’s last name in the address, as well as his first name. However, this depends greatly on her personal preference and what she will find respectful. Some choose to use their own first name, and sometimes also their own last name. If you’re unsure, it’s best to ask what she prefers. Example: Mrs. Charles Hamilton or Mrs. Scarlett Hamilton.

To Children and Families

Younger guests can be included on the inner envelope of their parents’ invitation listed by first name. However, children are normally not addressed on the outer envelope. For girls under 18, you’ll want to use “Miss.” Boys don’t require a title until they’re 18. Example: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brady.

To People 18 and Older

Unless they live at home with their parents, they should receive their own invitations. Example: Ms. Serena van der Woodsen.

If you come across a situation not included in the examples above, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and head to Wedding Paper Divas for their a life-saving interactive tool, which will help you address any invitation to every guest invited to the big day.

Got It? Head Over to Wedding Paper Divas to Find Your Perfect Invites!

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Desiree Hartsock Is Helping You Find The Right Dress For Your Figure

Hi, Brides! It’s Desiree back again for more wedding fashion talk. Today we’re breaking down dress fit, because a perfectly fitted gown makes all of the difference! I’ve seen it all when it comes to different shapes and sizes of women and I’ve come to know which details and styles work best for each shape. It’s important to understand and know your shape before dress shopping so that you can identify the features you’d like to highlight and the type of styles that’ll flatter those features best!

I’ve listed different shapes below along with the most flattering silhouettes for each to help guide you along the way. Finding a wedding gown should never be about hiding or masking your shape but about enhancing and flattering every curve. Often times, what we have in mind for a dress doesn’t always live up to the hype once we try that particular style on so be open minded to the process of finding the perfect gown and don’t stop till you feel absolutely stunning in it!

Find Your Perfect Fit


If you have the Cameron Diaz shape, narrow hips without a definite natural waistline, then a ball gown or A-line style dress is a great choice. A ball gown and A-line silhouette will give you a cinched waistline while the fuller skirt will create a hourglass figure.


Like me, you are a pear shape if your upper body is smaller than your lower section. Modified A-line silhouettes are a slimmer version of a full A-line gown that hug the hips slightly before making the A-line shape in the skirt and work well for pear shaped women. This kind of silhouette shows off the small of the waist while slimming the hips and creating a flattering curve. If you are a pear shape who wants to show off your hips, buttocks or thighs, then fit-and- flare styles with a strapless, sweetheart neckline will offer a balanced and beautiful shape as well.


Women with an apple shape are more round in the mid-section and may not have a distinct waistline. Drop-waist dress styles that are fitted to the hip, before the A-line portion of the skirt, are very flattering on brides with this shape. The structure in wedding gowns will cinch in the smallest part of the waist creating a nice curved line from the waist to hip. The drop waist also slims and elongates the waist for a clean, streamline look. Another style that does wonders for the mid-section for an apple shaped woman is a gown with diagonal gathering (ruching) across the waist since the gathering enhances curves while flattering the mid-section.


Sheath gowns are a great option for thin brides. Many sheath gowns are made with a silky lining that can be hard to wear for many shapes, due to the lack of construction in them. The layer of lining is lightweight and offers comfort but also lies close to the body that a thin figure can pull off. Also, the flowy nature and movement of a sheath gown adds just enough to flatter the shape even more.


A trumpet or mermaid gown that has a seam slightly above or at the knee, where the skirt portion begins, looks great on tall brides because the proportion stays balanced from the waist to the hem. The same goes with any trumpet or mermaid style but the more height you have the easier it is to pull off more drama at the bottom of the skirt. The seam at the knee tends to break the overall silhouette up and can visually make a bride look shorter if she is already petite.


Streamline gowns without a horizontal break in them is best for a shorter bride. Depending on your overall shape (pear, apple, thin, curvy) the exact style may vary but less dress will enhance more of your natural shape when it comes to choosing a style for your height. Keep in mind that straps and beading at the neckline will also help create a taller silhouette.


If you have curves then I recommend showing them off! I have found that fit- and-flare silhouettes with gathering, beading, or a belt at the natural waistline creates the perfect shape for brides with curves. The detail at the waist offsets the curves on top and bottom enhancing a beautiful hourglass figure that will knock the socks off of your groom.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Desiree

Peek Back at Desiree’s Wedding!

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Vault CTA

Desiree Hartsock

The Bachlerotte,Bridal Designer,Author
Wedding Inspo Every Minimalist Will Love

You know how we feel about backless wedding gowns. Seriously, is there anything more stunning? Pair that with the stylings and images by one of our favorite Swiss photographers favorites, Anna Tereshina, and you’ve got this inspiration shoot. Head to The Vault for more minimalist chic at its very best.

From Anna Tereshina PhotographyThis is a bridal shoot I’ve created being inspired by St. Paul’s Church here in Basel, where I live. It’s been built end of 19th century and I love how romantic yet minimal does it look. I wanted to create really clean and minimal look, using neutral palette, supported by green natural tones. I wanted to show contrast between different textures and surfaces. The model Monique is one of my favorite make-up artists to work with.

The concept, styling, papers, calligraphy and flowers are made by me. I believe that being a wide range artist helps me to create unique view of what I call modern wedding photography.

Photography: Anna Tereshina Photography | Floral Design: Anna Tereshina Photography | Wedding Dress: Victoria Rüsche | Bride's Shoes: Bella Belle | Hair + Makeup: Monique Eigenmann | Venue: St. Paul's Church in Basel | Calligraphy + Stationery: Anna Tereshina | Event Planning + Event Design: Anna Tereshina Photography | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Model: Monique Eigenmann | Ribbons + Runner: Orchidee De Soie

Even More Backless Beauties

Backless Wedding Dresses
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Backless Wedding Dresses
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Vault CTA

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