5 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Table Design Uniquely Yours
July 6, 2017
United States
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It's not every day you get the pick the brain of an event design mastermind, so consider this feature with Kate Siegel Fine Events the ultimate mid-week treat. Kate is sharing her insider knowledge on crafting a tablescape that's anything but basic and she teamed up with some amazing vendors like Loop Flowers to show you how it's done. Theoni Collection, La Tavola, Kinsely JamesBright Event Rentals, and so many more brought the details to life and Rebecca Yale captured the gallery you're not going to want to miss.
From Kate Siegel Fine Events... So you’ve settled on a color palette, and realize that every other bride wants some combination of white, cream, blush, mauve, silver, gold, gray and green? Not to worry, there are so many ways to make your wedding uniquely yours; it’s all about the details!

When you draw inspiration from others, it can be hard to think outside the box of what has already been done. A Pinterest board is a great place to start, but take a moment to think about how you can introduce your own point of view and create a look that is distinctively yours.

Here are five ways you can customize your table design to create a wedding that is uniquely yours!


Change it up! Not every place setting needs to be identical. Try mixing and matching eclectic china. Choose pieces in the same color palate and play with different shapes and textures, or pick one color to accentuate. Pairing unique pieces with striking color combinations is a great way to add your own chic twist to a classic table setting.

Linens & Napkins

Linens are the foundation of any table design. While white or cream is certainly a classic, it doesn’t have to be basic. If you want to stick with white, choose a linen with a luxurious texture or graphic detail, for interest. Or, add an accent color by cinching white napkins with a colorful ribbon or natural leather. If you want to make the table more contemporary, try losing the white altogether! Make the table pop with a fun linen color such as blush, mauve, gray or green.

Stemware & Flatware

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a statement with your stemware and flatware!
Add visual intrigue by mixing stemware of different heights and shapes. Not all glass pieces need to be from the same pattern. Try pairing a retro champagne coupe or an etched water glass with your classic red and white wine glasses. Glasses of different heights add dimension and interest to the table. When choosing flatware, try replacing standard stainless steel with something more unique. For a contemporary look, add a sleek flatware with acrylic or wooden handles to your place setting.


Top florists are breaking the mold of customary domed arrangements and so should you! There is a whole world of free form and sculptural arrangements to explore. Play with height and scale by keeping flowers low and allow greenery to sprawl across the table. Alternatively, create high and elegant arrangements with tall vases and branches for structure. Depart from all white flowers by adding a few accent colors, or push the boundaries with your own unique color palette. Find a florist who is comfortable working with different colors, textures, and styles to execute your vision and ensure you will have stunning flowers at your wedding.


Leaves are a fantastic way to accent a traditional table design. Consider skipping flowers altogether and replacing them with greenery! Whether you go with tropical, classic or evergreen, there is so much room for personal expression! Green is often an afterthought in a wedding color palette, but you can play it up for a fresh and modern feel. Gilded leaves are a great way to keep a table feeling classic and glamorous.

Don’t play it safe! Set your table design apart from the rest. By making some of these key details uniquely yours, you are well on your way to creating a distinct and memorable event!

P.S. sneak a look at even more moments from this insanely gorgeous shoot!

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