A Step-by-Step Guide to The Prettiest Spring Centerpiece
May 19, 2017
Spring Weddings
Lori and Mike of AvaFlora know a thing or two about crafting a stunning centerpiece. Their work never ceases to amaze. And now all of that beauty is about to be right at your fingertips because these floral masterminds are giving us insider tips for the prettiest ever Spring centerpiece and it's as easy as 4 little steps. Grab the how-to below and have a look at all the lovely imagery captured by Dear Stacey while you're at it.
Floral Clippers
Floral Tape
Oasis Foam
Footed Vessel

Ranunculus, Parrot Tulips, Sweet Pea, Hellebore, Poppies, Scabiosa, Hyacinth, Freesia, Spirea

Eucalyptus, Variegated Pitt

Prep Your Vessel. For a more shallow vessel, that doesn’t hold a lot of water, we recommend using oasis foam. The foam will help keep your flowers properly hydrated and also help them stay secure inside the vessel. Cut a piece of foam to fit the shape of the inside of your vessel so that is is snug. Leave about 1/4 of an inch of foam above the rim of the vessel. Criss cross the tape across the top of the foam and slightly down the sides of the vessel. Make sure the tape is tight. The last step is to add extra water.

Start with your greens. We recommend mixing up your foliage by using a variety of shapes, colors and textures. The greens are to be designed loosely, creating the foundation of our organic design.

Add Your Flowers. Start with larger focal flowers such as ranunculus and poppies. Then add your medium sized flowers. Smaller flowers and textural accents are to be added towards the end to fill any empty spaces within the design.

*Design Tip - Arranging your flowers in various layers helps create an organic aesthetic. Be sure to keep some flowers shorter, closer to the foam, and others taller. Let the stems show!

And there you have it. A beautiful Spring Centerpiece with plenty of movement and texture. Be sure to add fresh water to your vessel daily to help your flowers last as long as possible.
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