Two Med Students Tied the Knot in Perfect Style
Tuscan style at-home wedding in California with long rustic dinner tables dressed up with fresh greenery for a natural vibe.
Along their journey to a career in medicine, Sam and Steven found love as two self professed science nerds. And you better believe they planned a wedding day for the books set right at the bride's family home. Amazing vendors like A Good AffairLittle HillMomental Designs24 Carrots and Found Rentals came on for the ride, and the result is an al fresco celebration done so right.

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Sam & Steven are both medical students and self-confessed “nerds” (her words - they loved to tease each other on their science-based inside jokes), when they were early into their relationship, Steven had given Sam a necklace with “S=S”. The “=” symbol (with one more dash on the bottom, three lines) signifies a triple covalent bond. In chemistry, this bond is stronger than most and nearly unbreakable, which he thought was the perfect symbol for their relationship.

The brought the “S=S” theme into their wedding through personalized favors – guests were given amber bottles with their hand-painted symbol and wedding date, filled with olive oil, also a major symbol of the property that possesses 100-year old olive groves. Family members and guests alike absolutely adored the personal favor and Sam & Steven were thrilled to be able to bring this scientific (yet totally romantic) detail into their special day.

Another detail that we think would make quite an impact was the complete landscaping and design of the private estate’s property, specifically with Natalie’s design in mind for the purpose of having the wedding on the property. The bride’s wish was to be married at her parent’s estate in the hills of Claremont - a 1920s Spanish-style home that had held so many wonderful memories and was destined to become the ultimate romantic setting.