When a Musician + Dancer Fall In Love...
December 15, 2016
Summer Weddings
When there's a dancer in the mix, you just know the pics are gonna be good. Add in an adorable hubby-to-be and San Fran's beautiful sights, and well, Jasmine Lee captured a goldmine right here. You can't help but smile when you gaze upon these pics - from the sweet smiles to the beachside tunes and moves. See it all in our Vault right this way!
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From the Bride-to-be... I met Paulo on my first day of college and felt immediately that I had found my best friend. He was the easy going musician to my “Type A” ballerina, but it felt natural to be in each other’s company. We didn’t start dating until college ended and had to spend a few years long distance when Paulo left for medical school in New York. San Francisco was our first home together after long distance ended, and it’s where we’ll be getting married.

We’re so lucky that Jasmine was available to capture our engagement and soon our wedding! As camera shy people, Paulo and I had no idea it was possible to feel completely like ourselves in front of a camera — but that’s the magic of Jasmine Lee! For outfits, I wanted a lighter dress at the beach and something more formal for the pier since I mostly only get to see Paulo in scrubs these days. We minimized our props to paper cup telephones. In three years of long distance, we never went a day without talking on the phone. Now, after seven years of dating, I can’t wait to get married to my partner in crime.