Love Me Softly: A Sophisticated Bridal Boudoir
December 12, 2016
Summer Weddings
To me, there is a single key ingredient to a successful boudoir shoot. Subtlety. The sweet whisper of sexy that graces every image is what allows a boudoir shoot to stay timeless and lovely, capturing such a romantic and momentary time in your lives. And this one - shot to perfection by Juliet Young - is restraint at it's most beautiful. Click here to see the whole collection.
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From Juliet Young...Confidence is truly beautiful. A confident woman inspires everyone she is near to love themselves and appreciate all the little things that make them who they are. This mindset was the main inspiration of this bridal boudoir. I kept the tone light and neutral to completely focus on the understated beauty of simplicity, from the soft wave of the bride’s hair and light, neutral makeup to the minimalistic styling of the venue.

Our bride did her own hair and makeup - it was very important to me that this be as realistic as possible. The elegant 1930’s vintage Gossamer dressing gown really set the mood for this shoot and goes well with the bride’s soft lines and skin. The gown’s delicate flower detailing and lace wrapped our bride in just enough to cover her yet allowed for some playful peek-a-boo moments with each movement.

We kept styling to a minimum, allowing the Old European charm of The Ravington to really shine. Candles surrounding the pew set the scene for our bride to feel sure of herself and sophisticated. Her soft details contrasted beautifully with our wild, organic bouquet that combines a soft color pallet with unexpected wispy details and pastel, soft blooms. Transitioning upstairs to the bright and airy bridal suite, we continued with our minimal styling, allowing our bride to put up her hair and bathe in the soft window light. She is anticipating her wedding day and day dreaming of their future together. She reads his love letter, and his words inspire feelings of security and tender love.

I strongly believe that every woman should consider a boudoir session the morning before their wedding or before they are married. It is a great way to give, not only to your husband, but also to yourself.