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December 11th, 2016

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10 Signs He’s Going to Propose this Holiday Season

You've been together for a while. You know it's happening at some point. But how do you really know if he is planning on popping the question soon? Like how about now? When the holidays have set everything aglow and the world just feels more romantic. Scroll DOWN to read 10 sure-fire ways to know if he's proposing during this magical season. Well, sure-fire might be a stretch. Or maybe it's not.


The Perfect DIY Gift for Your First Christmas as Newlyweds

Combine a love for Christmas, calligraphy and all things sentimental and you get this genius DIY vow ornament. Crafted by Extraordinary Days Events, it's perfect for your very first holiday together as newlyweds and such a special way to look back on your vows for years to come. Adorbs, right? Get the step-by-step below and see more captured by Kate Nielen Photography in...