10 Times Couples Made Dogs The Star of Their Wedding
November 10, 2016
In recent years weddings have become such personalized affairs so it only makes sense to include your fur baby in the fun. From a walk down the aisle to front-and-center at the ceremony, we love these creative ideas (big and small) to make your pup a part of the big day. But fair warning - they'll probably steal the show.

1. A Pup's First Look

2. Wedding Branding Gone Canine

3. Sealed With a Kiss

4. "Dog Treat" Favors

5. Stars of the Portrait Session

6. Pug Silhouette Place Cards

7. The Well-Dressed Wedding Crasher

8. Prime Ceremony Seating

9. Diva of the Bridal Suite

10. A Smooch With the Bride

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