Festive Fall Anniversary Shoot With Soft Blankets + Beautiful Foliage
Captured by Natalie Bray, this anniversary shoot in London is full of fall's festivities from beautiful foliage to blanket snuggles!
These pics have been favorited and bookmarked... saved for easy access. Why? Because this is exactly what I'd like to do one day for an anniversary shoot of my own. Considering fall is my favorite season, it's an absolute dream. Natalie Bray's pictures are bringing me an insane amount of joy this Friday (and in case you were wondering, we've seen these cuties before) - so heat up that cup of cider and enjoy the season's silliness and style in our gallery right this way!
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From Natalie Bray Studios... While in London, we met up with one of our favorite couples (previously featured on SMP's Front Page!) and took a few photos for their anniversary at one of their favorite places in London, Luxembourg Gardens.

They are the sweetest couple ever and are SO in love. Him with his British accent and her with her genuine smile that would make anyone want to be her friend.

Bo Boutique created a stunning bouquet full of fall foliage that made us want to cuddle with blankets, throw leaves in the air, and skip happily in love.
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