From Proposal to Party, See Where it All Started for This Couple
May 5, 2016
Tri State
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After seeing Kim and Greg's whimsical-meets-rustic spring wedding, I'm convinced every Bride and Groom should consider saying "I do" at the same spot they first got engaged. And not only that, but every couple should hire an A-list team of vendors like Stefanie KapraBumblebee FilmsJennie FresaRoseville Designs and Photobooth Planet! See every reason why in The Vault!
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From Stefanie Kapra...Being invited to capture Kim and Greg's joyful wedding was a true honor to me. While I get to work with many wonderful couples, the love and sincerity between these two is very special and shines thru in everything they do. Besides the extremely upbeat atmosphere, the thoughtful and colorful details stood out in a beautiful way. From lush organic spring flowers to handmade unique ties, tasteful invitations, beautiful dresses, handmade signs, vintage cars etc... everything tied together effortlessly.

From The Bride...Greg and I were engaged for almost two and a half years. From the start our relationship has been unique, from meeting at a pool party, to moving in together when Greg’s dad was deployed overseas, to the fact that we had two wedding ceremonies in two days (one at a Church and one at the vineyard he proposed to me at)! We loved our engagement period and enjoyed the planning process. I will even go so far as to say, I miss wedding planning! It was so much fun to do something totally different and be creative in a way that I am not professionally.

We strove to include elements of “us” in our wedding that would stand up to our expectations on their own, while combining to highlight us as a couple. For us the longer engagement was amazing, because it meant that we slowed down, researched, and saved to have key elements. While planning we decided to prioritize the people, both guests and vendors. We went out of our way to research the vendors’ work beforehand so that when the time came: we could take a step back and let them carry the vision of our day into actuality. We felt strongly that the people we chose to bring into this process were artists of their craft first and foremost. If we could not find someone to translate our ideas into reality, we took matters into our own hands. For example: when we could not find perfectly unique bowties, I went fabric shopping and made them myself! It was neat because my Great-Grandma, who was with us in spirit, and my Grandma, who wasn’t able to make it, taught me how to sew. In a way it was a tribute to each of them that I was able to make distinctive bowties for all the men in the bridal party. Furthermore, our guest list was specifically drawn to bring in people based on the roles that they played in our lives before we knew each other and as a couple.

Traditional film photography, local organic flowers that fit the environment, acoustic ballads transitioning into a DJ, vintage Volkswagen busses (one housing our photo booth!), local wines grown with solar power, tent lighting that mimicked the stars outside the tent, a packed dance floor, and chalkboards that generated smiles: these were some of the elements that fused together to make something more wonderful than either one of us could ever have imagined. Since the wedding a compliment that we regularly receive from guests is that the wedding perfectly embodied ‘us’ and who we are as a couple. It really makes me so pleased to hear that from others.

Perhaps the best side effect of pouring over the decisions regarding who we brought in to collaborate on facilitating our special day, is the fact that we have gained new friendships! We maintain a relationship with each vendor that we chose to include in our wedding day. To us they are now our friends and we will continue to find ways to highlight their skills and involve them in the milestones of our life yet to come. They say that your wedding day flies by. Whoever ‘they’ are, the idiom rings true. I mean: we had two weddings and they still went by in a blink of an eye! Yet, what I will say is that with the right preparation, staying true to your dreams, trusting in your choices, being patience with the process: you can truly enjoy every minute of your wedding day.