The stars were indeed aligned for Lisa’s and Marlon’s big day (and we’re not just talking about those constellation earrings). For when the founder of Lulu Frost married her longtime love in a contemporary ceremony with Trent Bailey Studio behind the lens, we knew it’d be a day to remember. Complete with heirloom jewelry, a custom convertible gown, and unprecedented levels of chicness, we’ve got it all in The Vault. Psssst: Enter to win $500 to shop Lulu Frost jewelry for your own Big Day below!

SMP: Tell us about your favorite moments from the wedding day

LISA:  I have so many favorite wedding day moments, but some of the highlights include getting ready with my hilarious bridesmaids, one of whom is the uber-talented right-hand makeup artist of Bobbi Brown, Miss Cassandra Garcia. Another favorite memory was when our (Marlon and my) sweet nephews William and Beau approached us during the wedding ceremony clutching a precious Japanese wooden box given to us by dear friends from Tokyo containing two handmade teacups for married couples. We placed our wedding rings in each of the cups and the little boys brought us the rings in the most serious yet adorable manner. As William said later in his tiny voice, “Uncle Marlon, I was not going to mess up!”

A moment that took my breath away happened just as our dear friend and writer Lesley M.M. Blume was marrying us. All of a sudden, as we were exchanging vows, the Montauk sun came out brilliantly from behind grey scattered clouds and lit up the wall of strung marigolds that were swaying behind us in the breeze, hand crafted by florist extraordinaire Tess Casey of Aisling Flowers, against the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. Guests later told me that the marigolds literally looked like they were on fire, and it felt to me as if the Universe was blessing our marriage with stunning beauty.

Our reception was full of hysterical speeches and amazing dancing, but without a doubt my favorite moment was when I looked in amazement around the packed dance floor to observe a trio of unforgettable moments – my Jewish uncles doing the Hora, Marlon and his buddies in a rap circle with our friend/dancer/actor AdeChike Torbert on the mic, and in the far corner of the dance floor an epic Voguing battle going on between several star Broadway actors. I don’t think that particular trifecta of dancefloor activities will soon be repeated, and I loved every minute of the unique mix of people that Marlon and I brought together.

SMP: We’d love to hear about your dress, hair/makeup look and of course, jewelry!

LISA: My dress, how I love thee! I was fortunate to work with the talented team at Romona Keveza to create the most wonderful convertible dress that I wore in three ways throughout my wedding. The dress as a whole was perfect in its utter simplicity, with nary a bead or bit of lace. The triple-faced silk dress was perfect in its artistic shape and structure and let me be the star of the show. I walked down the aisle in the sheath dress with detachable sleeves that elongated my silhouette and gave me a feeling of elegance and grace. For the cocktail hour and first dance, I removed the sleeves and added a fabulous horse-hair and tulle voluminous and sculptural skirt which added a ton of great drama to the first dance. Finally, for the reception I removed the overskirt and danced the night away in the formfitting sheath which had a wonderful asymmetrical back detail. During all this heavy dancing, what seemed like a large goblet of red wine was actually spilled on the dress, but my friends came to the rescue and assured me it didn’t matter – I was planning to dye the dress after the wedding anyway to a deep navy to get more wear, so the wine gave me a head start! The spill just showed me how the wedding is all about your attitude and the fun you’re having, not the perfection of each and every moment.

As for the hair and makeup, I went for a cool classic look that best accentuated my natural beauty. Makeup genius Cassandra Garcia created a gorgeous wide-eye for me with liner and shadow and individual lash inserts for a bit of glamour. My friend and talented hair stylist Allen Thomas Wood of Bumble & Bumble worked with my platinum short crop of hair, courtesy of the brilliant Rita Hazan, affixing a stunning clutch of fresh magnolias into my locks. The magnolia flower is one of my favorite scents, so my floral genius Tess Casey lovingly wove them into a comb that looked and smelled amazing all evening.

Onto the all-important jewelry of course – one of the most crucial elements! I opted to wear my grandmother Elizabeth Frost’s pearl and diamond studs to bring a touch of light to my face, and in each of my second holes I wore studs from our newest fine jewelry collection, based on constellation signs. I wore my star sign, Scorpio, in my right ear, and Marlon’s sign, Cancer, in my right to symbolize our union in the universe, not just on this earth. Each earring is crafted from 10 carat gold and the constellation stars are represented by tiny diamonds – one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry I’ve ever created.

SMP: Any advice you’d pass on to other Brides-to-be?

LISA: My advice to other brides-to-be is to do your very best to make the process of wedding planning fun, whatever that means to you individually. There are many stresses that go into creating such a special day, but it comes and goes so quickly so taking your time to savor the special moments is crucial. My approach to this conundrum was to make the whole six months leading up to the wedding feel like a part of the special day. I relished planning the tablescapes, going to fittings with my mom and sister, working on flowers with Tess and hand-painting escort cards on pieces of driftwood for my guests. I even taught myself calligraphy over about a week and hand-inked all of my invitations. This was such a fun learning process for me.

Of course if you’re not the hands-on-type bride, that’s great too, just remember to slow down and enjoy the process. So in the words of my very wise mother, my real advice is: Just Breathe. Other people I’d like to call out: Happy Menocal who made my amazing custom invitations, crest with Marlon and my initials and menus. And of course Trent Bailey for his amazing photography!

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Vault CTA

Photography: Romona Keveza | Photography: Trent Bailey Studio | Floral Design: Aisling Flowers | Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza | Stationery: Happy Menocal | Shoes: Sophia Webster | Jewelry: Lulu Frost | Makeup: Cassandra Garcia | Hair: Allen Thomas Wood | Groom's Attire: Lanvin | Wedding Venue: Gurney's Resort & Spa | Rentals: Rent Patina

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