Flowers on their own have the ability to captivate us completely, but add in the mastermind that is The Day Design into the posy equation and you’ve got yourself more than just a handful of pretty blooms. The outcome? We’d easily liken it as an art form. Which is why we’ve asked this powerhouse of petals to breakdown the magic behind this bouquet, below!

Nautical Lake Michigan Wedding

  • 3 White Clematis
  • 7 Helga Piaget Garden Roses
  • 4 Alabaster Garden Roses
  • 3 White Majolica Spray Roses
  • 3 White Anemones with Dark Centers
  • 5 Jasmine Vine
  • 3 Italian Ruscus
  • 2 Gunei Eucalyptus

From The Day Design Becca was a very elegant and chic bride and so her bouquet was a reflection of her. The aim was to combine lots of texture with classic blooms and a few touches that would tie in the rest of her nautical inspired décor. Anyone searching for white blooms will quickly discover that there aren’t many that are exactly pure white, rather most are tinged with a hint of yellow, blush or possibly lavender or green. We sought to bring out the tiniest kiss of pink in her flowers, which was accomplished with the white majolicas (which really have more of a blush cast), the dainty jasmine vine and the edges of the Helga Paiget garden roses, which have the smallest touch of dusty pink around their outer petals.A few anemones were added as their dark centers tied in perfectly with the men’s navy suits. The subtle blue of the gunei eucalyptus tied in with the blue green of the dune grass which was abundant all around. Other accents included clematis and Italian ruscus, as both have very smooth petals/leaves to give your eye a bit of a solid resting place, keeping the bouquet from becoming overly busy, which was a nod to Becca’s appreciation of clean lines.And certainly no bouquet of mine is complete without a long trail of ribbons. These midnight blue silk beauties flowed so delicately in the wind and are a must have for any beachy celebration.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Floral Design: The Day Design  | Photography: Clary Pfeiffer Photography

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