Casual California Beach Engagement Session
March 7, 2016
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When it comes to personal style, I'm a bit torn. I'll jump at the chance to pop on a pretty dress but if I had to choose, I'd live in jeans and comfy fisherman sweaters every single day. And so this engagement shoot from Lucy Cuneo speaks to my stylish soul. These two lovebirds strolled the beach, calm, cool and oh so chic (see it all in our Vault) and good news - this isn't the last we're seeing of them either. Head over to our Front Page later on today to see their love story continue with their intimate autumn wedding.
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From Lucy Cuneo.... Nina and Lawrence took a break from their wedding preparations to take a stroll on the beach near Mendocino, California. You could travel the world, as they did together for a year after first falling in love, and not find a better spot than this to stroll arm in arm.

The Pacific breakers, black sand and rugged cliffs are the perfect foil for this dramatic shoot overflowing with genuine warmth and charm. The oversized sweater provides a winning blend elegance, femininity and protection from the elements!

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