Elegant Windswept Oceanside Wedding
February 19, 2016
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This wedding has it all. It has a wonderfully elegant feel, yet an approachable charm, and every single image captured by Candace Berry paints the picture of a day that truly captures the essence of this couple. With personal touches a plenty and gorgeous planning and design by Elegant Productions and Chelsea Lee Flowers, this gallery should not be missed. See even more in the VAULT.

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From The Bride...Tell us about you and your groom – how you met and the details. How did he propose?

Adrian and I first met at Acadia University, it was in our first Economics class together where we set eyes on each other for the first time. He somehow managed to get my email from a friend of a friend, and the rest was history. From the moment the two of us connected the chemistry was undeniable, often staying up well beyond our bed times, before big tests and important football games, we couldn’t get enough. Everyone around us saw it, we certainly felt it and no matter how many times we tried to deny it, it was there. We tried to be friends at first, which gave us a solid foundation of mutual respect and love for each other. There is no doubt in my mind that Adrian is my best friend. So when he took me to Disney World to ask me to be his “happily ever after” at the happiest place on earth, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. With a crown on my head and all, we walked around the Magic Kingdom hand in hand, like a princess and her prince.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

Our favorite things to do together always include being in the great outdoors, we wanted our wedding to reflect who we were as a couple. Our wedding decor came straight from our favorite places, whether it was kayaking out to the seagull stomping grounds to collect our seashell place settings or boating over to local islands to collect driftwood for our signage and wedding arch. Most of our decor came straight from the backyard of our venue. I have always loved nature, when I was a young girl my friends always called me “Au Natural”, so this made our color choices easy. I was the White, Adrian was the Black, the gardens were the green and the rest were earth tones. There was no question our venue would be on the ocean and our decor would have sea side elements. Lucky for me our dream venue just happened to be Adrian’s Family Home, his parents played a big role in creating many of our decor projects. Some of my favorite wedding planning moments were spent foraging in his mother’s garden and the local islands on our weekends leading up to our big day. All of the memories we made while making the decor pieces ourselves made seeing them in action on our big day that much more meaningful.

Any personal meaning in the details you’d like to share?

When I was a little girl my grandfather would always ring an old antique bell at our family cottage before dinner. He would lift me up on to his shoulders to ring the bell. As I continued to grow and he couldn’t lift me anymore, the two of us would ring the bell together, it was one of my favorite things to do at the cottage. I was beyond excited that my grandfather and grandmother were able to be present on our wedding day and I wanted them both to play a role in our special day. My grandmother was to “bless” the rings and my grandfather was to ring that very bell for our first dinner as husband and wife. It was the perfect way to call all of our closest family and friends to dinner to celebrate the beginning of our new lives together. That very night at the stroke of midnight my grandfather and grandmother celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with us on the dance floor, we were so fortunate to share such a special occasion with them.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

At the end of the night, after the most incredible day and fireworks display we had ever seen we found each other on the dance floor. It was like no one else was even around, it felt like it was just the two of us. I have never seen Adrian move the way he did on the dance floor that night, nor do I think I ever will again, there was this energy surrounding us like no other. The smiles on our faces told the story, we were at the end of the best day of our lives, surrounded by all of our most cherished family & friends. I felt like Cinderella as the end of our night was fast approaching, and it was a night we never wanted to end, the two of us danced the night away as if no one was watching. They don’t lie when they tell you your Wedding Day is the best day of your life, what a day it was!

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