As a bride-to-be this is THE year I want to feel my absolute best, and since I may (or may not) be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown, toned arms are an absolute must on my daily to-do list. That said, if there was ever a time to go full force into my exercise routine, it’s right now during this bride-to-be, pre-wedding dress stage. To get started, I’m sharing a few of my favorite arm exercises below!

The best part? You can do these exercises while catching up on your favorite television shows, or while your pasta water comes to a boil (basically how I spend most evenings). That said, enjoy carrying on with your post-work routine while also getting some killer toned arms in the process!

For me, motivation comes in many forms and I fully believe in the power of a colorful sports bra. I’m constantly on the hunt for high quality, comfortable and trendy pieces and Outdoor Voices encompasses all of the above. Whether you’re running errands around town or hitting a high intensity spin class, you can’t go wrong with their leggings, crop top and hoodie combo!

Ready to get those sexy toned arms for your big day?! Okay gals, time to spill the details on my favorite arm workouts! I pulled this routine from my past personal training sessions and of course, the wonderful world of online fitness videos. Do 20 reps of each exercise and complete three rounds. (Note: If you’re beyond the 2lb weight phase, scoop up whatever weight suits your fitness level)

90 degree raise

Bicep curl

Overhead press

There you have it – my favorite workouts to achieve those beautifully toned arms certain to look incredible in a sleeveless gown! Do you have any other foolproof bride-to-be workouts? I would love to hear them, be sure to share below in the comments!


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Photography: Kayla Snell | Shoes : Amazon | Crop Top: Amazon | Hoodie: Amazon | Leggings: Amazon | Workout Outfit: Amazon | Yoga Mat: Lululemon