Colorful + Emotional Fall Farm Wedding
January 24, 2016
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First looks aren't for every couple, but there's something so sweet and special about having that first moment just between you and your beloved. This lucky Bride got not one, but two first looks—one with her father and one with her future husband while all four parents looked on. Surrounded by friends and family and beautiful, rustic décor, this special day was all about celebrating this couple's love. Experience every special moment captured by Sheradee Hurst Photography in THE VAULT!
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From Sheradee Hurst Photography...This was one of the most intentional wedding ceremonies I've ever photographed. Everything served a purpose, and every detail had a deep meaning. There was no unity candle or sand, instead the couple invited the groom's grandfather up to say a private prayer with them. It was so touching for over 300 guests to bow their heads and pray for the marriage individually while his grandfather prayed so eloquently that the couple cried.

The groom and groomsmen didn't wear shoes. The minister spoke during the ceremony of the many instances in the Bible where men remove their shoes when they are on holy ground. He said that this was holy ground, the uniting of two souls in marriage. The bride even took every detail and made it her own. From selecting a bodice and skirt from the same designer to create her own look for her gown to the flowers that she placed on the cake herself. The bride and her dad had a first look, and then all four parents looked on while the couple had their first look. Below are the bride's comments on why she chose what she did to create a perfectly, lovely day. This wedding photographed so beautifully on film.

From The Bride... From the beginning, Connor and I's number one priority was that we wanted our wedding to be FUN. We wanted people to have a good time and mean it, not feel the awkward and forced atmosphere that some weddings and receptions can have, we wanted relaxed. We knew we wanted to get married outside in the evening, because we both love and are inspired by nature. I love neutral colors that are found outside, and we really used those to create natural beauty around the party. We both have sort of an eclectic and different style, so we also wanted to incorporate that into the evening, hence the mismatching and random centerpieces of odds and ends we begged for, borrowed, and (maybe) stole from friends and family.

I think our wedding day was special because we really put our hearts into each and every detail. We didn't obsess over everything of course, but we chose colors and decorations that we liked, and didn't stress about whether or not they would necessarily go well together. But everything came together so nicely, and I really believe it's because it was made up of all the things we like.

Connor and I have known each other since we were freshman in high school. We were always present in each other's lives as friends until the summer after our freshman year of college. We were both home for the summer and began spending a lot of time together. And one day, things between us were just different. It's like we had always been there for each other and had built this great friendship in preparation for the day when the time was right for us to be more than just friends. Since that summer we've spent every day in love. He really is my very best friend and true love.

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