DIY Red Floral Alter from Bows And Arrows Part I
December 16, 2015
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Roses are red, violets are blue, and this DIY is one we're excited to share with you! The time has come to embrace your inner florist alongside Bows And Arrows as they snip up some serious pretty.
Follow along with captures from Sarah Kate Photo on how to achieve the ultimate floral arch and be sure to stay tuned because we've got another exclusive collab from these DIY masterminds up NEXT!
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From Sarah Kate Photo...We teamed with the best of the best for these floral DIY altars. Alicia and Abigail with Bows & Arrows each put together one altar for a DIY tutorial and then we photographed a beautiful model with the outcome!


  • Floral snips

  • Foraged greenery

  • Seasonal blooms

  • Paddle wire

  • 2 large urns

  • 2 sturdy rods

Place urns at the width of your choosing and then place rods inside the urns.

Start at the base and begin to wrap your greenery around the rod to the fullness of your liking, and secure with paddle wire. When you reach the top, find a branch with a natural curve to give the illusion that the arch connects.
Now that you have your greenery in place, it's time to pop in blooms! You can use as many or as few as you'd like. And now with the finishing touches cut back branches that are obtrusive.

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